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BrightNorth Logo Designed by Graham Logo Smith BrightNorth Logo Designed by Graham Logo Smith

BrightNorth Logomark designed by The Logo Smith

Client: BrightNorth
Categories: Logotype, Logomark, Redesign, Icon, Initials

BrightNorth specialise in converting generic data into engaging infographics and beautifully dynamic interfaces. Allowing their many clients to more effectively make more informed business decisions.

I was hired to redesign their existing logo design alongside an internal revamp of their existing website and brand.

Image below shows a mock-up for some business cards. After printing the background colour onto the business card, we would then 'print' the logomark using a Spot UV varnish, instead of a printing ink. This would result in a slight reflective/gloss sheen, and would alter in intensity depending on the light.



Image below shows a couple of variations of the logo. Two word options: upper-case wording, or sentence case with two subtle versions of the logomark.

logo variations

Image below shows a few logo lock-up (how the wording is placed relative to the logomark) versions and playing with a theme of colour ranges.

logo placement variations

Very early mock-up for a possible letterhead design.

letterhead mock-up

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