Logo Designs For Sale @  £250  Each!  

Custom Logos, Symbols, Word Marks, Monograms and Icon Designs, all For Sale.

This page showcases a selection of my Custom Logo Designs for Sale. Some of these logo designs, are: unused concepts from previously commissioned projects, and some are: conceptual designs created for the purpose of selling.  

In some cases, the custom logo mark design comes with a 'fictional company name', which in most cases uses the dominant initial/initials found in the logo mark design. The name can be easily adjusted to your needs, and in some cases the logo can be flipped, so AV reads VA, etc.

If you are looking to buy one of the listed custom logo designs that are based on initials, then it's important to ensure that the initials work for you if you intend to alter the 'fictional company name'.

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Pricing: Only £250 per Logo Design!

Exclusivity: All my Custom Logos for Sale are Completely Exclusive, and will only be sold once. If you buy this logo design, then you'll receive all copyright and original artwork, and you'll be free to do with this logo as you see fit.

All Custom Logo Designs come with: Transfer of Copyright, Master Logo Sheet, Digital Files (.eps, .ai, .PDF).

Additional Extras: Stationery Design (Business Card and Letterhead) = £50; Adding of Company Name, and selecting appropriate Font Styles: = £25; Logo Colour Exploration: £35. Any other changes and/or deliverables not listed, please ask for details.

To Buy A Logo: If you are interested in buying any of these logo designs for a crazy crazy price of £250, then Contact for more information: [email protected]

Logo Designs For Sale

Letter Initial S Logo Design For Sale

AV or VA Initials Logo Design For Sale

AV or VA Initials / Monogram - Logo Design For Sale

Piston Eight - Car & Motor Sports Logo Design For Sale

MV Initials - Logo Design For Sale

Social Crowd Logo Design For Sale

Letter/Initials M & W - MindWay Logo Design For Sale

Letter S, Soundfire Logo Design For Sale

Letter K, Initial K Logo Design For Sale SOLD

Letter V & Star, Negative Space Style Logo Design For Sale

Diamond Logo as a Letter 'P' - Logo Design For Sale

Teach Team 'Letter T & Negative Space' Logo Design For Sale

Head Mask Logo Design For Sale SOLD

"World Church" – Logo Design For Sale

Ornamental Style Logo Design For Sale

DK or KD Initials & Monogram Logo Design For Sale

GP or PG Initials & Monogram Logo Design For Sale

G Initials & Monogram Logo Design For Sale

Church / Cross Logo Design For Sale

Church / Cross Logo Design For Sale

Church / Cross Logo Design For Sale

Moving Homes/House Movers Logo Design For Sale

AV, VA, WM Letters Logo Design For Sale

"67 or Sixty Seven" – Logo Design For Sale

Peoples Church Logo Design For Sale - SOLD

Squirrel Logo and Icon Design For Sale

Leapfrog Logo Design for Sale SOLD

Choir Player Logo Design For Sale

Text Search Logo Design For Sale

SR Initials Audio Logo Design For Sale

Medical / First Aid Logo Design For Sale SOLD

RoadBar Riders Bike Shop Logo Design For Sale

AV or VA Initials Logo Design For Sale

Yellow Star Logo Design for Sale

AXS Health Medical Logo Design For Sale

Jot 'Pen' Logo Design For Sale

Architecural Landscaping Logo Design for Sale

'Unholy Ladies Undergarments' Logo Design For Sale

The Crescent Church Logo Design For Sale 

Hotel Royce Logo Design for Sale - SOLD

Beach Shack Logo Design For Sale

dp Initials Logo Design For Sale

Toy Wind-up House Logo Design for Sale

Earth Logotype Logo Design For Sale

etc Initial Logo Design For Sale

MD Logo Design for Sale - SOLD

Man with Shield Logo Design For Sale

Sumo-Wrestler Logo Design For Sale

4 Layout Options: Church Logo Design for Sale

Abstract Spirograph Effect Logo Design for Sale