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The Detailed Logo Design Brief: this is where you’ll start the process of Hiring Me for your Logo & Brand Identity Projects.

 Detailed Logo Design Brief

I'd be very grateful if you could expand upon the information you provided in the original Brief. The more detailed, and descriptive you can be, the better.

This will give me more insight and information in which to better understand your: company, business, audience, competitors, etc, as well as any other brand relative information you feel would be of use to me.

The more information you can provide me, the better. 

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  • Logo & Brand ID Information

  • Please detail exact wording for the logo. For me its The Logo Smith, for Coke its Coca-Cola.

  • If you have an existing tag line, which needs to form part of the logo, then please enter this here.

    If you don't have a tag line, then I'd strongly recommend that we work on creating one for you. A good tag line can often form the platform for the visual direction of the logo.

    You can request a tag-line service below.

  • This is where I need you to be descriptive and detailed as possible.

    You need to sell what you do so I can understand, to the best of my abilities, what I am designing a logo and/or brand identity for.

  • This is a refined and optimised version of above.

    Think along the lines of the Elevator Pitch: you have just a minute, or two, to enthusiastically explain, and describe, what your brand is before I exit the elevator.

  • What makes your brand Unique?

    What makes your 'thing' different and/or better than your competitors? Or what does it offer that nothing else does?

  • Crucial to know who your brand needs to ideally target, so ensure the best possible uptake.

    Aspects to consider: Gender, Age Range, Geographical Considerations, Income Level etc. The more I can understand your Audience, the more I'm able to develop a logo with the correct attributes.

  • If you are redesigning your logo, updating it, refreshing it; maybe you're completely starting again in terms of your existing logo and brand identity, then please explain any reasoning/motivation behind this decision.

    It is exceptionally important that I understand the reasoning behind any logo or brand update. If you feel it's easier to explain this to me over the phone, instead of writing, then please add that request here instead.

  • Who do you compete against?

    Please list names, and URL's if possible.

  • You may have competitors that although are not a direct threat, do share some similarities with what you do

    Please list names, and URL's if possible.

  • Where do you work from?
    For example: Office, Home, On-the-Road, Shared Space etc.

  • Where and how do you plan to use the logo design?

    Some examples, but far from complete: business stationery and promotional literature, internal signage, external signage, vehicle livery, branded clothing, mobile phone application icons, website, large scale commercial advertising (bus shelters, billboards etc)

  • If you have a style of aesthetic that calls to you, then please list examples.

  • The more you can afford to invest in your logos creation, the more depth, soul and creative flair your logo is likely to have.

    The more time we have to explore design options and directions, then the higher the likely hood we'll find that one great winning design.

    Trial and error makes up the beginning of a lot of projects. Providing me more time will result in a design that was created through a more natural organic and evolutionary process.

    A tag-line can play a very important part in how your brand 'logo' is interpreted and understood.

    If you have a relatively non-descriptive brand name with no tag-line, then people will likely not fully understand what you are about. It's in these cases a descriptive tag-line can make all the difference. A descriptive tag-line can form the foundations for the visual part of the logo design.

    If you do have a tag-line, but think it could do with being 'updated', then I'd be delighted to help you with that also.

  • If you require other deliverables, other than the main brand logo design, then please list these here.

  • End of Form

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    If the SUBMIT button doesn't work, then please let me know via email: glogosmith@gmail.com You'll know if SUBMIT worked, as a Confirmation Page will display with a successfully submitted form.