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Witness Directory Linking Experts with Lawyers Logo Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith

Logo design, incorporating a themed pictogram, for Witness Directory: an online expert Witness Directory.


A very challenging project, but immensely pleased with the result, as is the client, which always helps.


Finding that ‘apparently simple’ solution proved painstaking, but when I look at the icon now, it looks so easy. Just create the Good Book/and or reference Directory out of the shape of a D, and place the left hand (giving oath etc) on it. Ta daaaa…


Fonts used for Witness Directory: Kefa II Pro Bold and tag-line: Zona Pro Italic, both purchased from Myfonts.


Witness Directory Logomark Pictogram Symbol Design by The Logo Smith

Witness Directory Logomark Pictogram Symbol Design by The Logo Smith

Witness Directory Logo Design by The Logo Smith 1200px

Witness Directory Logo Design by The Logo Smith 1200px Witness Directory Logomark Icon Design by The Logo Smith

Witness Directory Logomark Icon Design by The Logo Smith Witness Directory Client Logo Sheet


We are confident that Witness directory is the most user friendly, innovative expert witness directory and the best tool for experts to be found locally and globally. New To Witness Directory:

1. A new user friendly, eye catching design. 2. Self editable home pages. Log in and have control over your content or let us manage it for you free.

3. Editable albums for photos, logos, C.V’s, PDF files, movies.

4. Optional lawyer review board allowing you to ask lawyers you have worked with to leave a review (editable).

5. Social media savvy, sharing tools so viewers can share an expert’s page if required.

6. Editable key title word system. Log in and tailor  the title in the code of your entry so search engines will find your entry under the search string you want. Advice is given. This is set to default, ‘Expert Witness, Your Name’

7. Do you have interesting Youtube videos? You may simply add them to your profile by adding the code in your control panel.

8. Badge options. Easily copy and paste code of your badge into the code of your website or an email and this automatically links back to your expert profile, giving more great exposure to those who count.

9. Handy maps to clearly show locations of experts.

10. We add more categories to the directory on request

11. A new 24 hour interactive questions and answers bubble that allows us to help lawyers find the expert they are looking for and also help experts with membership questions.

12. A new articles library. Add articles on your specialist subject area and read empirical comments from other experts. For quick membership details please go to the country of your choice; US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland – See more at: