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I’m Graham Smith, founder of The Logo Smith: Freelance Logo Designer & Brand Identity Design Studio, and home to his Logo, Brand Identity, Monomark & Case Study Portfolios, and Design Blog.


Work Experience History

My chosen path in Graphic Design & Print started way back in 1989, when I left school to start a 3 Year Apprenticeship at Manor Park Press.


After being made redundant the day after I completed my apprenticeship, I embarked on a journey that saw me work for: Print Companies, Design Studios and Marketing & Advertising Agencies.


My last full-time job was at Gemini Press Limited, where I worked for 10 years. I worked onwards and upwards to finally become the Senior Studio Graphic Designer, as well as the Studio Technical Manager of 20 designers and pre-press technicians.


After 10 years I left Gemini to set-up my own Logo & Brand Identity Studio: The Logo Smith, and this is where I find myself today.


Leaving the relative security of full-time job was scary, but it’s a change that I’m forever happy with.


28 Years Commercial Experience

Since leaving full-time education, I have accumulated over 28 Years Commercial Experience in: Freelance Logo & Brand Identity Design, Graphic Design, Typography, WordPress & Website Design, Reprographics, Photography, Advertising & Marketing, WordPress, SEO & Social Media.


I dedicate my time to working with local, and worldwide clients, on various styles of Logo & Brand Identity Projects.


Although I’d be hesitant to say I had a design style, if pushed I’d say I drift towards: clean, strong, minimal, geometric, cliché free with a strong typographic leaning.


If I can be of any help to you, and you are looking to Hire an experienced and independent Freelance Logo Designer, or simply need some sage advice, then I’d love to Hear from you,


Graham Smith – The Logo Smith


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