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About The Logo Smith & Graham Smith

About The Logo Smith and Graham Smith: UK Freelance Logo Designer and Brand Identity Design Studio, and slightly dog obsessed runner.

Presumably the main reason you are here reading About The Logo Smith is because you are interested in either a logo design, or a more comprehensive logo and brand identity solution.

So About The Logo Smith is a pretty detailed professional bio of the self-employed Logo Designer me, and About Graham Smith is just a little bit about the non-work me.

Let’s start at the very beginning of my professional life, and way way waaaaaaay before The Logo Smith:

Work Experience History

The Logo Smith Brand Identity Stationery Mock up

My chosen path in Graphic Design & Print started way back in 1989, when I left school at 16 to start a 3 Year Apprenticeship at commercial printing company in Eastbourne, Manor Park Press Ltd.

It was during this 3 year apprenticeship that I learnt the real tradecraft of: letterpress, manual paste-up (strips of bromide text, run through a waxer and placed carefully on card grids to to create various magazine pages etc), film planning, platemaking and lithographic & letterpress printing.

Redundancy at 20

I was made redundant the day after I completed my apprenticeship at Manor Park Press, and not long after my 20th birthday.

With the help of the Print Union I managed to secure a reasonable redundancy payment, which I used to buy myself a Apple Macintosh Classic.

I knew then that everything I had thus far been taught in the traditional ways of page-layout, was being replaced by these Apple Macintosh computers, so in order to keep current, I had to relearn all over again.

I was unemployed for 6 months, but during this time I taught myself everything I could about the: Apple Macintosh, QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Freehand, and anything else remotely related to this new thing called D.T.P.

I did finally land my first full-time job, ironically within an advertising agency who only used PC’s, Corel Draw and Pagemaker…

This started a sobering journey that saw me work for various other companies over a 6 year period; painstakingly working myself back up the ladder, including:

• Marketing & Advertising Agency – Denton Advertising.
• Litho & Digital Printers – Tansley’s Printers & MGN Graphics
• Design & Reprographic Studios – RE Litho, Denton Advertising.

My last full-time job

I finally ended up at a huge commercial printers in Shoreham-by-Sea, Gemini Press Limited, where I worked for a further 10 years, which was to be my last full-time employed job.

It was at Gemini Press that I eventually become the Senior Studio Graphic Designer, as well as the Studio Technical Manager, of 20 designers and pre-press reprographic technicians.

In addition to designing, I also looked after the company’s entire PC and Apple Macintosh network, including: email, servers, website and about anything else IT related.

About The Logo Smith

After 10 years of loyal service I left Gemini, and set-up my own Logo & Brand Identity Studio: The Logo Smith, and this is where I find myself today.

All this experience, across numerous interconnecting sectors: print, reprographics, design, typography, advertising, branding, etc, perfectly prepared me to finally leave the relative security of full-time job.

It was a life-changing event, one that I’m forever happy with.

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28 Years Experience

Since leaving full-time education, I have accumulated over 28 Years Commercial Experience in: Freelance Logo & Brand Identity Design, Graphic Design, Typography, WordPress & Website Design, Reprographics, Photography, Advertising & Marketing, WordPress, SEO & Social Media.

I have had the opportunity to work on the: design, print, marketing, & advertising, for some very large and prominent companies, courtesy of their print and design work entrusted with the companies I worked for, mentioned above.

I now dedicate my time to working with local, and worldwide clients, on various styles of Logo & Brand Identity Projects.

Although I’d be hesitant to say I had a design style, if pushed I’d say I drift towards: clean, strong, minimal, geometric, cliché free with a strong typographic leaning.

Logo Design Longevity

Quite a few of my past logo design projects are still in use a number of years after their creation, and in a few cases up to 10 years old.

This of course is a massive point of pride for me, and something that gives me a huge sense of accomplishment.

With the logo designs over 5 years old, displayed in my Logo Design Portfolio, I’ve noted the date-of-design so you can see which ones have stood the test of time.

One of these long lasting logo designs, especially within the fast paced technology sector, is for Pure Storage, which you can see below:

Pure Storage hired The Logo Smith to design and develop their new logo & brand identity during it’s stealth mode period in 2010-11, and it’s still in use 2020.

Pure Storage Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport Logo Design by The Logo Smith

The Logo Smith Website

In recent years I’ve simplified my website in terms of content, page layout, and other aspects that help my website become more mobile friendly.

For this reason, the layout of my portfolios, and most other pages, are more of a: clean, simple & functional design, rather than: a busy, fancy showcase style.

As Google more and more focuses on websites becoming Mobile friendly (indeed, for over a year now Google indexes for Mobile use, rather than desktop use), it’s quite a challenge for creatives to balance the aesthetics of their website and portfolios, along with increase usability, accessibility and speed in order to rank well in Google.

I’ve opted for the minimal approach, which means my website is lean, clean and fast, but not overly fancy in terms of website ‘design’.

Logo Design Portfolios

I have several different pages of logo portfolios, which show different aspects of my logo and brand identity design work.

For my brand logo designs, minus any supporting brand identity designs, you can view my primary Logo Design Portfolios:

The Monomarks Collection

An off-shoot from the Logo Designs Portfolio is called the Monomarks Collection, some thing which I started many years ago.

Monomarks is a platform to showcase JUST the logo mark of all my logo designs, in pure black & white (monochrome).

Here you will see treasure trove of individually crafted: Logo Marks, Brand Marks, Type Marks, Emblems, Symbols and Icons, taken from my Logo Design Portfolio; Displayed in Glorious Monochromatic Techniblack.

I have also created a downloadable PDF of The Monomark Collection Posters: Download Monomark Posters

Also in the works (as of May, 2020), is a self published book of all my Monomarks, which you can see some of the early layouts for here:

Monomarks Logo Design Book Collection Designed by The Logo Smith 3
Monomarks Logo Design Book Collection Designed by The Logo Smith 3

The Brand Gallery

To support some of the projects where I’ve also created additional brand identity visual elements, I have created a page called The Gallery.

Here are images of my logo and brand identity designs, used and applied in the real-world.

SuperblyCo Logo Brand Identity-Stationery design mockup 06 by the logo smith
GhostPay Stationery Designed by The Logo Smith

Case Studies

In some logo design project cases, I’ve written up quite detailed and exhaustive logo design case studies.

To view some of these logo design write-up’s, you can view them over at Case Studies

However, in recent years, it has been getting harder and harder to find the time to write these hugely detailed posts.

Being a solo self employed designer, a lot of my time is obviously taken up with actual client work, and when I’m not designing things, then I’m having to keep on top of advertising, marketing, social media, accounts, blogging and general admin.

The Original Pure Storage Logo Design Ideas and Sketches by The Logo Smith
Rocket Movies Business Card Mock-up and Sketches 2

Logo Grids & Construction

Over at Logo Grids, you can see how I’ve actually used various: grids, guides, circles, measurements, etc.

These Logo Grids help me better: plan, develop, design, and construct various logos to ensure overall: balance, symmetry, and good solid vertical, horizontal and angular alignments and intersections.

Pure Storage Logo Design Grid and Construction Designed by The Logo Smith thelogosmith

Client Testimonials

It’s of course one thing to simply view someones work, but finding out about how they are to work with is a lightly different ball game.

To that end, I have Client Testimonials; a healthy selection of glowing praise, and recommendations, from past clients, some of whom have hired me more than once.

Here’s one such glowing testimonial, by Damien Hottelier.

Damien Hottelier Logo Design MockUp Poster The Logo Smith

The Design Blog

Before Graham was a freelance graphic designer, he had been online (AOL, ICQ) and blogging (Typepad) since the late 1999’s, and it was only when The Logo Smith came into existence, that this became more of a priority, rather than a personal hobby.

The Design Blog of freelance logo designer, The Logo Smith, enters the timeline around 2008, and only gains momentum a few years after that.

Around 2012-1024, The Logo Smith was even approached by two significant book publishers, to author a book on Logo & Brand Identity Design, but due to various logistical considerations — would have meant giving up all client work in order to write one book taking approximately 6 months — these were both turned down.

Questions for The Logo Smith?

If you have any questions about The Logo Smith, how I work, what’s involved, prices and time-frames, then I have quite an extensive Client Q&A and Client FAQ Page, that should be nearly all you need.

However, if you still need to talk to me, or find out any thing else not covered on my website, then please do just reach out to me either via: Contact Page, text/call me: 07816 527 462, or find me on Twitter:

Follow The Logo Smith on Twitter

Hire The Logo Smith

Finally, if after reading all this, and viewing some of my work, you’d like to take the first steps in getting to work with me, then please head straight on over to the Creative BriefHire The Logo Smith page.

All about Graham Smith

I’m Graham Smith, the founder and owner of the naturally named indie self employed logo design studio, The Logo Smith.

I’ve seemingly made having one of the most common surnames sound quite cool…

I operate The Logo Smith aka smith.™ a successful Freelance Logo Design & Brand Identity Design Studio, all from my cosy home in Seaford, East Sussex.

There’s obviously a little more to me than just being a great logo and brand identity designer, so here’s just a few things that sum me up.

Graham SMith and Miss Poppy

I absolutely live for Dogs

I’m hugely fond of dogs, and have always had one or two by my side, for as long as I can remember.

My current faithful companion is a stunning 2 year old black German Shepherd, called Miss Poppy.

Miss Poppy

I also run a part-time Dog Boarding service called The Bounding Dog, which is only possible due to being able to work from home.

Here I offer an exclusive 1-on-1 Home Dog Boarding and Doggy Day Care Service, for the more discerning dog owners.

Miss Poppy is the perfect host, and so every dog that comes to stay with us here at The Bounding Dog, is ensured one hell of a good time!

Run Graham Run 

I’m a keen runner, and have completed some pretty significant races in the last few years, notably running the London to Brighton Ultra Marathon, which is a total of 64 miles.

My running now is a little more modest, and so I keep to 5k, 10k, and the odd Half Marathon.

At my best, I can knock out a 5k ParkRun in about 21:30min, but that’s not really the normal, and would typically be looking around 22-24mins, depending on my mood, and other things.

I have a very healthy work/life balance, which allows me to look after my soul, the wonderful Miss Poppy, and the clients I work with.

Graham Smith.


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