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Always, and I mean always, on the look out for new sources of inspiration, I occasional stumble cross a site that has a healthy helping of logo designs, typography, art and pretty much everything else. @ShareSomeCandy is one of those sites.

I have been subscribed for a while, but only just now felt like linking to it. I feel it has a nice balance of inspiration without being cocky or too much up it’s own ass.

There are a number of categories, including: architecture art design furniture grafitti handmade illustration logos objects packaging photography sculpture typography video

So more than enough inspiration for everyone. My favorites are design, logos, photography, packaging and typography.


Taking Submissions

You can submit work to Share Some Candy where it may or may not be published, then it has a nice and simple recommended engine, just flag images you like. Easy. I have only just submitted a few of my own designs, so will see how rigorous they vet the designs.

Even if you don’t plan to use it to submit, it’s a great place to visit.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/09/15 & Post Updated: 2009/09/16
Filed In Categories: Brand Identity, Inspiration, Photography, Typography

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