Work In Process: Homes Alive Pets Logo Rebrand

Dog cat pet shop logo design by The Logo Smith

Logo Rebrand for Homes Alive Pets

Refresh the typeface, look at new colours, incorporate Pets into the brand name then come up with a double tag-line that focuses on the brands new direction.

A few things:

1. made the dog a little more fuller in the head, and added some semi-alert ears, as I like the way the dog is literally watching ‘over’ the home which is snuggled nicely in the under neck area.

2. the cat I have made a little softer overall, not quite a kitten, but certainly more cuddly, also looking up expectantly for food or attention.

Dog logo design by The Logo Smith

I then played with the idea of adding tails, and having them wrap around each other. So the cat is sitting snug within the dogs tail, but the cats own tail just rides up a little over the dogs tail at the end.

As this is a first go at redrawing the animals, the tails and certain form details are not correct as yet, but not far off. I like the idea of a slightly curved base formed by the tails, rather than a straight cut baseline as well. I think this connectedness of the cat and dog is softer, kinder, more ‘awwwww’ etc.

Will play with adding a white outline to the cat as well to see how this works.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2015/01/07 & Post Updated: 2016/09/14
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