Welcome to Brooklyn—Wood Working by Victoria Gregory

Absolutely adore this fine piece of self promotional wood work design by UK based Victoria Gregory. I bookmarked this a little while go and now for the life of me can’t remember which website lead me to Victoria’s fantastic portfolio.

Unbelievably, How Sweet It Is! Welcome to Brooklyn, tells via type and imagery the wonderful world of New York. It actually reads:

Once you get to New York you simply have no more bridges to cross.
Open your door to a city full of vast possibilities and endless excitement, where fresh inspirations open your heart, mind and eyes twenty four seven.
Fluorescent city scapes fill your lungs with hope. Evening air lifts your spirit and real New Yorkers tell love tales of a city that never sleeps.
Magic electricity flows continuously around the block sparking those lucky enough to tread. Camera flashes capture city moments photogenically.
Cab yellows blur through the grid lines of Manhattan weaving the structure from A to B continuously, traveling atmospherically along the avenues, the sky painted in rich reds and deep blues brightened like clockwork from silver moonlight to golden sun beams.
New York is a world full of beautiful uncertainties and endless fairy lit skies, populated in thousands by unfamiliar vague faces linked through a love obsession.
New York is an angry storm of unrecognizable patterns labelled as chaos, moving care freely as a light evening breeze with an invite to every party, a busking sound track for each Subway and a friend in every borough.
Once you get to New York you have arrived.

You can catch Victoria’s profile on Behance and CargoCollective.



Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2012/03/08 & Post Updated: 2012/04/10
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