Urgent Website Overhaul – From K2 to Visualisation

Deciding to do a ‘live’ changeover, especially when the theme you want to change to is not even finished is somewhat of a gamble. But simply, I just didn’t like the previous site. It was way too Blog orientated and did not allow me to really achieve the flexibility I needed to showcase my various projects, designs and photographs.

And frankly, ‘Finlay the Boxer Puppy’, was not overly impressed with it as you can see. He says, I do. You would too.

NB: And no, this was not a natural one eye dog frown. A little bit of Photoshop magic was needed to get the required ‘unimpressed look’.

I have now purchase the wonderful Magazine Style Theme from GraphPaperPress.com, using the Visualization theme. In time this will be converted from the default style to something more original to me. But this theme immediately gives me the room to space out, to show various images all in one place without it being a obvious “blog” style theme. Nothing against Blog themes mind, just not what I want for this site.

Much happier with the result, but as you can see, still a way to go with the initial set-up of this Visualization theme. Custom fields and a whole bunch of new functionality means a whole bunch of things to learn and implement.

I don’t expect this site to be too ‘messed-up’ for too long. Maybe a week or so, but in the meantime, it all works… mostly.


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