Upgrade from WordPress 2.3.1 to 2.5.1 Observations

Just a few words to report on the overall experience of upgrading my seemingly old WordPress 2.3.1 to WordPress 2.5.1.

See below for subsequent issues and problems after install.

Yes, I did miss out WP2.5 and instead opted to wait for any know issues with 2.5 to be highlighted and straightened out before proceeding. This is always something I do, all the way back from Mac OS 6 and upwards. Rarely would I install a major release without first waiting a few days to see what hits the fan. I would do my part by installing and testing on my own Mac, but I would not install on the Mac’s that were in daily operation in my Studio.

The classic time I did not do this was with a previous Mac OS X upgrade, although you could argue it was not my fault. I purchased a new Mac in the States and quickly attached my external to it and booted up. Big mistake. The end result was a freshly wiped external hard drive after rebooting from the fresh factory install of what was a new OS X release/upgrade. It was a HUGE bug for Apple and it simply meant that if you had a Firewire device connected during install and reboot, then the chances are it would be wiped clean. This was done on my treasured Lacie whilst traveling, and it was a HUGE problem. Ouch.

So not one to take chances I have waited patiently, then not so patiently when I heard that Technorati would be doing a ‘cease and de exist’ on anything WordPress installations under 2.5. I think this is a rotten thing to do personally, but hey ho.

So simply, it went bloody fantastically. Easier that I have imagined, could of hoped for or prayed for. Part of my reluctance was the tricky aspect of moving and deleting files. This plug in called The WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin really has to be applauded for doing what WordPress should be doing itself. Barely a application is launched now that does not have some sort of Automatic Update feature in, and with something as popular as WordPress, it should have no excuses. If someone chap outside of WordPress can do it…

This is not a how to or a guide or tutorial. There are already enough of those, and frankly you don’t need them, it is that simple. It is step by step, it backs-up, it deactivates and reactivates plug-ins (although it didn’t for me), but thats a minor point. It downloads the latest version of WordPress for you, it backs up your Database. It was all done within minutes.

The only thing I did was to make my own complete back-up of the entire FTP folder, which took some time to copy off, and also a manual back-up of the database. But in hindsight this was not totally necessary. But you could argue that if you experienced a power outage mid update, then potentially you have some issues you wished you did not have to deal with. Better safe than sorry.

Surfacing issues and bugs with ‘my’ install of WordPress 2.5.1

2.5.1 AutoSave Bug

This is quite common so it would seem and is a very very frustrating one at that. Simply, the Autosave kicks in on a repeated cycle, thus pretty much locking you out of the site. It seems to make repeated Ajax requests which means you cannot do any editing. It even locks out the browser windows, so that any other site you have in other browser tabes within the same window, also become unresponsive. The only solution is to quite out and go back in. But the issue starts up again after the first AutoSave or manual save, what ever comes first.

It is well documented on the WordPress Forums, here is one post that highlights the issue, along with some of my own comments. The main post is here:
Problem 2.5.1 post_new.php and post.php

My comments are further down.

But I have found a, what seems to be, simple solution or fix, or hack or bodge, whatever you want to call it which I have posted here direct on the WordPress forums and on my own site, first link takes you to the WordPress forums and the second link takes you to my blog post:
WordPress 2.5.1 Autosave Problems? Inelegant Fix

Solution to WordPress 2.5.1 Auto-save Problem


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