Update to: No Mod-Rewrite? Want permalink minus the ‘index-php’

This is a update to my previous post No Mod-Rewrite? Want permalink minus the ‘index-php’

Good news is that live tests with my The Logo Smith are showing no undesirable bugs, will need to keep at it to see if access through Google etc has been affected due to the URL change. To see what it looks like without this ‘fix’, and with the ‘index-php’ in the permalink, take a look at one of my other Blogs on WordPress, Time4Balance.

The latest is however, the solution appears to be at Server level, rather than being a plug-in, or code change. At least for moment. See below for possible ‘easy solution’.

As my Host says:

“The server add-on emulates mod_rewrite functionality specifically for WP so it cannot be used with other blogs that need rewrite functionality. It’s an ISAPI filter specifically for WP url rewriting, it plugs in to IIS (the web server software) at a low-ish level to perform the rewrite. The control panel (ie, the control panel you use to access your ftp sever with your particular host) doesn’t support the ability to install this filter so in the first instance it will have to be requested for manual installation on a per virtual server (eg. domain) basis.”

But he says writing a plug-in is possible, but only if there is suitable demand. Or possibly someone else taking on the project if my host is to busy to create a user friendly version.

So right now, it seems you would need to get your host to apply this ‘change’ at server level until a client side solution is written. If you have decent understanding hosts then this should present no problem, if you are with a less than approachable, never contactable host then it may be another story.

Keep in contact as I will be posting updates to this on my Blog.

It would be good to see how much interest there is in this, the more there is, the more chance a plug-in will be created, enabling more people to take advantage of this friendly permalink fix for none mod-rewrite users.

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Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2008/02/04 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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