Please note that I am still in the process of migrating the original and complete Unevolved Brands from Tumblr, so this version is not yet an exact copy.

A brand study by Graham Smith – Logo Designer.

Unevolving a logo to just a series of coloured circles, how many can still be recognised?

Logo and and brands that have strong and unique colours, as well as strong positional aspects, typically are the most recognisable when unenvolved to just circles.

In most cases, each circle will represent one letter or one container. In the case of Orange, a self contained logo, we have one circle for the orange container and one circle for the wording. Typebased logos like Twitter, FedEx and eBay may just have one circle per letter.

Circles are used as creatively as possible, to recreate a certain design or shape. In the case of Apple, a whole circle is used to punch a hole into the black circle. So although ‘bite’ doesn’t show a complete circle, it was formed from one. With Ferrari, multiple circles were layered to create the emblem.

It’s an ongoing study, so new logos and brands will be added.

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