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A good tpyeafce mkaes ahnytnig eeisar to raed-Typographic Poster Update

"Read" Typographic Poster Designed by AMVBBDO

Seen this very cool typographic poster for the floating around the interwebs for a while. Never seen a 'quality' version of it, with each instance of it used being.JPEG'd and progressively degraded each time it's shared, uploaded, resaved etc.

Did some digging around, in the hope of finding a larger and cleaner version of this typographic poster, but alas nothing.

However, I was able to narrow down that this was designed by AMVBBDO (Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO), a print advertisement back in 2005 for the

Couldn't locate any mention of it on Abbott's website, which is a shame. It's probably been long relegated to the archives.

I Recreated A New Version in Helvetica

I decided to whip-up a reasonably accurate facsimile of the poster, but using Helvetica.

I will say it was really tough typing out that sentence; my brain kept wanting to correct the spelling, and was much harder than I thought to just read, and type, one letter at a time.

My brain really didn't like doing that. Give it a go…

"A good tpyeafce mkaes ahnytnig eeisar to raed" / "A good typeface makes anything easier to read"

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