Type Hero #6—Kessel 205 By Talbot Type

Type hero Kessel 205

Type hero Kessel 205

Type hero Kessel 205

Great launch offer on Kessel 205, designed by Talbort Type, over on MyFonts at the moment. Pick up this great geometric style font for only $59 which includes 5 weights: thin, light, book, bold and heavy.

It’s not a million miles off from CodePro by FontFabric, but Kessel is wider and has that tilted lowercase e which you see from time to time.

MyFonts: Kessel 205 is inspired by the classic, geometric sans-serifs such as Futura, but has shallower ascenders and descenders for a more compact look, and features an art deco influence with sharp points at the apex of many characters, lowered crossbars and an oblique crossbar on the lower case e. It’s a versatile, modern sans, highly legible as a text font and with a distinctive, elegant look as a display font at larger sizes. The Kessel 205 family comprises of five weights and is closely related to Kessel 105.

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Type Hero for Logo Designers

Type Hero is where I pick out certain fonts and typefaces that I find particularly cool. For the most part the font choices will be geared towards styles that I feel could work well in a logo design.

MyFonts has become a steady source of font inspiration, so many will be sourced from there, but I will also highlight fonts direct from font foundries when possible.

I also have or have recently purchased all Type Hero fonts, so I am talking the walk and walking the talk.