Type Hero #5—Madurai™ By Jeremy Dooley

Type Hero—Madurai™ By Jeremy Dooley

Type Hero—Madurai™ By Jeremy Dooley

MyFonts consistently have amazing offers and this one for Madurai by Jeremy Dooley is no exception. You are getting 36 font styles for just $60 compared to the RRP of $300.

There is a hint Co Text, by Dalton Maag, in some of the glyph shapes especially the e which I feel is quite unique shape.

So for the $60 you are getting: Madurai Condensed, Normal and Extended with each having a full compliment of weights: thin, light, regular, bold, medium, bold and black as well as italics and non italics.

Some of these font styles would lend themselves brilliantly to a spot of logo and brand identity work given the sheer variety of styles available. Highly recommended.

Buy Madurai™ By Jeremy Dooley on MyFonts

Type Hero for Logo Designers

Type Hero is where I pick out certain fonts and typefaces that I find particularly cool. For the most part the font choices will be geared towards styles that I feel could work well in a logo design.

MyFonts has become a steady source of font inspiration, so many will be sourced from there, but I will also highlight fonts direct from font foundries when possible.

I also have or have recently purchased all Type Hero fonts, so I am talking the walk and walking the talk.



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