Type Hero #3—Rubrik By Miles Newlyn

Rubrik Font By Miles Newlyn

Rubrik Font By Miles Newlyn

Rubrik Font By Miles Newlyn

Rubrik Font By Miles Newlyn

Looking through my selection MyFonts Albums recently I was reminded of this lovely typeface family called Rubrik by Miles Newly. Since it debuted in July 2011 I have been regularly tempted to get my hands on it.

My reluctance to purchase this font is down to the pricing structure which I can’t say I agree on. One font weight is $250, or the entire family is also $250.

I get that it’s probably priced to look like a good bundle deal if you need, or are looking to get the whole family—indeed $250 is a fair price for a 6 weight typeface family—but this form of pricing just sucks poop if you are only looking for one or two font weights.

I don’t need the entire Rubrik family and would be looking to get just a few weights, but Miles has manipulated the pricing so that an individual font weight is way out of my reach. This means that Miles has missed out on my custom, and probably the custom of similarly like minded people.

I spend a lot of money on fonts and typeface families so feel particular annoyed when this pricing method is deployed. Seems counterproductive and almost arrogant.

My advice is: don’t assume people need an entire type family: price individual fonts at a more reasonable price.

But super nice font if you are happy to spend $250 just to get the one or two font weights you need.

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