Twitterism. A Twitter Addiction. Twitter and your life…

Just a real mini-post this one, off the back of my last one on Twitter and the English Language.

I just had the thought whilst Twittering how much it seems to be part of people’s lives. That people spend enormous amounts of time leaving messages for everyone, replying to direct messages etc. One has to wonder how practical this is when one must achieve a level of productivity in any given working day. Unless of course you don’t work for whatever reason.

  • Do you get withdrawal type symptoms from not being able to Tweet about anything for any length of time?
  • Or do you get anxious when you realise you may not be able to keep your usual routine.
  • Do you feel you are starting to letting your followers down, that they will abandon you?
  • Are you driven to have as many people following you as possible?
  • Equally, are you intent on following as many as you can?

A little Rant
One of the annoying aspects for me is when people, often quite well connected people, maybe even semi-famous within the Web World, choose to follow me. I then in turn follow them, which I assume is what they want (is that too cynical?). So all this is great, handy and interesting. However, when I have attempted to participate in their conversations, or send a Tweet to them, not once have any of these ‘mightier’ folk taken the time to reply. Big exception to this is Smorty71 aka Shawn Morton from Profilactic who indeed has responded, thank you Shawn.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that these people are super busy, with immense workloads, and that I have learnt much about new developments withing their industry, but I do wonder why then they bother to want to follow the likes of little old me. Seems a tad insincere.

Maybe it’s just a Twitter thing, but this does annoy me. So much that I have been known to ‘deactivate’ them. If they are following me, but not interested in anything I might have to say, what’s the point? I’ll get over it.

Twitterism is a form of addiction. Just how serious have you got it?


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