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Tumblr Chicklets, Icons or Logos – From me to you

Even Hotter on the heels of the Flickr Chicklet and Twitter Chicklet that I whipped up a few days back, here is a collection of Chicklets for Tumblr.

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Tumblr Chicklet Icon logo in CrimsonTumblr Chicklet Icon logo in YellowTumblr Chicklet Icon logo in AquaTumblr Chicklet Icon logo in LavenderTumblr Chicklet Icon logo in OriginalTumblr Chicklet Icon logo in Orange


New to Tumblr, but am already hooked by it's simplicity and coolness. I'll save my thoughts on Tumblr for another post, but in the meantime here are some logos for you. These are linked directly to my Flickr account.

As my general warning for these, please just don't try and enlarge them, they will look damn awful at any magnification due to the small default Chicklet size of 80px by 15px.


Ofcourse you are free to use these however you wish. It would be appreciated though if you could find somehow to link to this page or at least my site. Nothing obtrusive, just maybe a link in your Blogroll or something. That would be nice.

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