TP PT Initial Logo Design For Sale – NOW SOLD!

This Logo Has Now Been Sold

tp pt logo design for sale

This PT TP logo for sale is based on the initials P and T, but given the relative positions of the letters, both versions are equally viable, so you could have the initials in either of these two combinations.

This would make a great personal logo mark, monogram of sorts, for example if your christian and surname start with PT TP etc. This logo mark would also work very well as a strong, bold and very clean company logo.

There are a number of style options available according to your requirements: colours, and any custom wording you may need.

Logo Design Details

This overall size was designed with an iOS application icon also in mind, so it will work across all smartphone platforms, as well as social media profile image use etc

The cost for this logo and icon design, is £750, and includes: alternative colour options (the colours shown are just possible options), new wording, Logo Master Sheet, Letterhead Design and full Transfer of Ownership (copyright) from me to you.


This is an exclusive logo design, and will only be sold the once. If you buy this logo design, then you’ll receive all copyright and artwork, and you’ll be free to do with this logo as you see fit. I will not sell this logo design again, once it has been sold.

Interested in Buying This Logo Design?

If you are interested in buying this logo design, then please send me an email to: and I’ll get back to you.

TP PT Logo-Design-for-Sale Designed by The Logo Smith

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