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TOPAZ: Macintosh Styled LED USB Light By Gem Hsin

Topaz Mac usb light

Been searching around for some new desk lamps of late to compliment my newly decorated studio, but all of them being mains powered which is no biggy, but I have been trying to reduce mains cable clutter rather than increase it.

So I decided to see if I could find some decent USB desk lamps as a way to keep my recently tidied studio free of these excess power leads. My search came up with these Macintosh styled USB LED TOPAZ desk lights by Gem Hsin.

Turns out the TOPAZ have been circulating the interwebs since mid 2011 as Gem Hsin announced these new LED lamps at the Computex Taipei 2011 exhibition, and there has been many pre-release articles in various gadget websites and blogs. They all referenced a September 2011 availability date, but it would appear these TOPAZ lights have yet to see the light of day.

One of these TOPAZ USB lights on each end of my studio desk would really do a swell job, so hoping they eventually see retail distribution soon.

There is quite a good write-up on the Topaz via Business Computing World: Gem Hsin’s Topaz Series of USB LED desk lamps turning heads

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