To post and re-post or just post once

It’s all to easy to think that when you have been doing something long enough that everyone else will share or know or think the same way as you do. A logo designer should know all about QuarkXPress, or a Web Developer should instinctively know about that CSS hack, you know, that other one, amongst the millions of others.

The reality of course is so not like that.

Facts that I take for granted are not facts for so many others. This is why blogging is so damn cool, there are always people wanting to be educated, always people coming in for the first time looking for advice and inspiration. There is a never ending thirst for information on the net, that will make repetition a thing of the past.

It’s easy to think that once you have said it once, then it’s not something you should repeat, ever, for fear of alienating the readers who caught it the first time. That finely crafted article on ‘white space’ can only be posted once? I think not. Why should that be so? Why should it be shown the light of day only once, for it only to be consumed further and deeper into the recesses of your Database archive.

For sure, it’s still there, it’s still searchable and findable, but it’s not lit up. It’s given basement treatment, and often quite undeservedly so.

There is a unquenchable thirst for information from a unrelenting supply of old and new blood. Youngsters blogging for the first time in MySpace all the way to the grandparents discovering the joys of Shelfari.

The published, ‘seen and read it once philosophy’ that is the Daily Newspaper is unfairly associated with blogging. Many believe that you post once and that’s it. Maybe some ‘would’ like to re-post their personal favorite, but fear their readers will leave because you yourself lack imagination and professionalism. All because you dared re-post a decent article. Nonsense. Utter poppycock.

Don’t assume no one will ever want to read that post again. Of course they will, why do you think Libraries are becoming popular again. The population as a whole is reading more and more, because we have greater access to this information. Our thirst for news, information, facts and opinions is as hearty as ever and is gaining momentum. Information is valuable, freely available quality information is priceless.

Be confident and proud of your own work to re-post and re-publish when you feel the need is right. If you are really self conscious about how people ‘may’ respond to a old post being reanimated, then tag it with a re post label. Easy.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2008/10/26 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
Filed In Categories: Blogging, Inspiration

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