The Rolodex Logo Shock

Can’t say I have ever noticed the Rolodex logo, probably because I have never used Rolodex and had no real reason to come into contact with it. So pretty sure this is old news to most of you, but it’s new to me.

Rolodex is a relatively prominent brand product, but if you had asked me just two days ago to recall what the Rolodex logo looked like, I would have quickly drawn a blank.

During research for a new logo project, I accidentally found two versions of the Rolodex logo, side-by-side in a Google image search.

So, do you want to know whch version I assumed must have been the latest? Sure you do: it’s this one.

It’s such an awesome logo, love the way they had seamlessly integrated the visual perception of a Rolodex within the brand name. The typography is clean and bold, simple and to the point.

It made me smile when I first saw it, it’s such a cheeky design.

It’s very memorable.

Oh but the shock when I realised that this was the old Rolodex logo, put out to pasture for this generic and creatively dull doodle that is this…

Good God man/women, what were you thinking? I get the need to try and be more classy and stylish, to appeal to the finer materialistic recesses in a person, but what happened here? This is bland, boring, soulless, awkward, empty, generic and dull in comparison. Also looks more like a photographic style of overused cliche imagery.

It really does sucks in comparison to the old logo.

You could have refreshed and refined the typography–picked a font that wasn’t so heavy–and retained the brilliant Rolodex O from the original. I don’t understand why you would want to get rid of such a memorable and visual mark completely.

You must have had your reasons to suck all life from your brand, I hope they were important.

I have tried–admittedly not very hard–to find out when this rebrand took place. Was it recently or was it years ago? Anyone know?


Written by Graham Smith: The Logo Smith| First Posted on: 2011/03/15 & Post Updated on: 2014/05/09 Filed In Categories: Brand Identity, Famous Logos, Opinion

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