The Broke Bike Alley Multi-Tool or Business Card? By ReThink

The Broke Bike Alley

The Broke Bike Alley

The Broke Bike Alley

The Broke Bike Alley

There are never any shortages of novel, and inspired business cards with designers seemingly going all out to push the creative boundaries for the common business card. Every day I see some amazingly cool, creative, inspired, beautiful, ingenious, stylish and down-right odd cards, and one almost starts to feel this is the norm.

Is this a selection of bike tools fashioned into a business card, or a business card fashioned into a bike tool for Broke Bike Alley?

For some reason I saw these business cards for Broke Bike Alley, designed by Rethink, and was immediately inspired—I know this is not a new project, having been posted a number of times since early 2010. The thick metal card with various tools fashioned out of it just strikes me as utter genius as well as useful. You look at it and it seems such a totally obvious idea, and quite possibly this isn’t the first time it has been done, but regardless I think these Broke Bike Alley cards are just stellar.

One has to wonder how much these cost to print/manufacture, and how freely they are given out?

It’s Not Just About The Card

I’m not just write this post because the card is cute. Nope. There is another factor at play which can often go unmentioned, and forsaken, at the expense of cute things.

Important to note that the overall first impression was not just the card design, but the brand name that with the card design created the interest. There is a definite ring to Broke Bike Alley as well as it being rather literall. When you get both creative ingenuity along with a creative brand name you have the foundations of some amazing branding and marketing options.

I think it’s easy to point a finger towards the companies where the creation of a brand name simply was not considered the utmost priority. In many cases the actual brand name sets the benchmark from which all subsequent branding, marketing and advertising efforts will take their cue. There is only so much that the best creative hands can do with a lame ass, or totally inappropriate name.

Visit ReThink’s website / Found on JayMug

Little side note: Recently worked on a bike shop identity called PedalWorks which name I also happened to think was brilliant. When the client first approached me for a logo I was right on it because the name allowed for endless possibilities.

“Subject matter is just as important for a logo designer than it might be for a photographer, painter etc.”

When you have a dull, totally random name then things become much harder, and often less desirable to work on.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2011/12/09 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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