The Epicly Crap Bing Logo Design by Microsoft – Voice Your Thoughts


*Post Update : This post is not intended to be fair &  constructive. It’s a rant, a sarcastic and juvenile venting. Microsoft have screwed up and the gloves are off. A company as huge as Microsoft can take the rantings of a mad logo designer.

The Bing Logo Design by Microsoft – Vent off here

Here are some honest thoughts on the Bing logo design. Frankly, when I first caught glimpse of this logo, I had to make sure it wasn’t April Fools, somehow I had been caught up in some time distortion field. But no. This seems to be the real deal. Microsoft has really excelled at making themselves look hideously silly… again. And this is all before the product even launches. Nice.

This is a brand extension that is need to be wound up and re thought out.

This logo is just outstandingly and epicly crap.

There is nothing about it that makes sense. Every thing that could be done wrong pretty much has been. The whole personal taste, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, its subjective doesn’t cut it here.

This logo is supremely and stupendously grim.

But that is my own opinion, and I realise there must be others out there how surely have something positive to say about it. So here is a chance to say what you feel. Leave some comments below.

Don’t hold back.

How it could look

If someone had taken just a few moments of time over this, they could have created a beauty of a logo.

This is my much improved version. Comic Sans MS never looked so gorgeous. If you are listening Microsoft, I am happy to sell you the rights to my logo idea.

Post Update: I need to add at this point that the following logo is NOT to be taken seriously. I am being sarcastic and slightly ironic and stupendously juvenile in using a Microsoft version of the much hated Comic Sans. For those that have commented assuming this was a genuine effort to improve on the original, sorry to disappoint. :)

bing logo design in comic sans


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/05/29 & Post Updated: 2011/12/01
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