The Best Logo Designs Created by You – Part 1

This is the first part of an ongoing logo design series. Showcasing a collection of logos and brand marks, self submitted by a bunch of freelance designers and creative folk in many creative areas. These logo designs are not random. They are the designs created by the designers themselves. These are the logos each designer here feels is their best design, for any number of reasons.

If you want to be part of this logo design series, then details can be found at the bottom of this post.

What this collection is not

This is not a competition, it’s not a best of in terms of comparison with the other designs, it’s not a who has the best logo, it’s not a collection of logos that I have chosen. They are logos supplied by those that wanted to be part of this post.

This series will go on indefinitely, all the time there are designers prepared to submit their logo designs. If you have submitted recently, but your logo is not included in this post, don’t worry, it will be in the next one. I keep each post limited to around 12 logos per post, on a first come first served type of basis.

Your Best Logo Designs – Part 1

printandpixels logo design

Logo Name : Print & Pixels

Becky Bryant – Print Production Artist –

This logo is for my Freelancing work. I’ve created this logo in order to “brand” myself.  I recently finished my HNC in design and whilst I already have a job in the industry I’ve been looking for ways to broaden my portfolio. Since going on to a full-time degree was out of the question I’ve chosen to try and get some freelancing work on the side. Thus I needed a name for myself.

I didn’t want to use my own name so I spent a while brain storming names. Two stuck in my mind, ‘Colourific’ and ‘Print & Pixels’. As I’ve been working in print design for a few years I didn’t want to pigeon-hole myself into just working in one medium. Plus my non-design friends liked the name ‘Print & Pixels!

I then spent some time sketching anything that came to mind, as you might be able to see on my Flickr account lead me to the idea of combining the two ‘P’s into the ampersand of the brand-name.

The current incarnation is my ‘best’ logo I think. Mainly because I’ve spent so much time refining it and working on it properly.  I’ve created logos in the past but none of them come up to scratch in my opinion. Now I just need to settle on a colour scheme and finish my website! :)


Logo Name : DataDork

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives – Engineer of Creative Identity –

A self-proclaimed “computer geek” client explained that, while dating during college, his wife referred to him as DataDork. He literally wanted to take ownership of the term graphically for his future computer/Internet
consulting business.  I was a bit leery as to how far I could push the “computer geek” stereotypes within the identity imagery.  However, after a number or relatively “safe” concepts, I included a short-sleeved white shirt, thick black eyeglass frames with tape repair, and a pocket protector with pen and mechanical pencil on an out-of-shape human form. After emailing the image off for review, I immediately received a phone call from the client telling me to “stop and don’t do another thing” to the design. The typeface Retro Bold Condensed was the perfect compliment to the hard, primarily geometric, edges of the illustrative element.

I’ve always appreciated that I was able to so successfully convey the humor of the name (and its back story) in a relatively simple and sophisticated design. The client interaction, successful combination of type and imagery, one-color design, and public reaction to the design have always made it an effort I consider one of my best, and a constant personal favorite. The identity received major recognition when DataDork was honored with a Gold statuette in the Summit Creative Awards. It has also been featured in The Big Book of Logos 3, Letterhead and Logo Design 7, Graphically Speaking, Global Corporate Identity, LogoLounge, Volume 1 (icon), Logo Design for Small Business 2, and New Logo: One (Singapore).

pixelcandy logo design

Logo Design Name : PixelCandy

Fred McCoy – Pixel Candy Studio Logo –

My best, professionally crafted logo turns out to be the one that I did for myself.  I had gone through at least 30 possible variations when designing it and had the luxury to spend as much time as I wanted (with respect to my other work) to get it just how I liked it.  I wanted something that stood out, was easy on the eyes, and snagged attention from the viewer right away.

juanmogi logo design

Logo Design Name : JuanMogi

Shin Japardi – Juan Mogi Ministerial –

The Brief:
Juan Mogi is an outstanding young pastor in Gilgal ministries located in Central Jakarta. Besides serving God, he is also an exceptional motivator, a successful author of the bestseller book entitled ‘Nothing is Impossible’, a loving husband and a proud father of a 7 months old baby girl named Charissa Mogi.

The concept:
A logo type was chosen to best represent Juan Mogi’s characteristic. The ‘crux ordinaria’ was place at the center (heart) of the logo to portray the presence of Jesus in his life. The cross also depicts his constructive teaching, writing and motivational words that will impact people’s lives in a remarkable and amazing way.

The color:
The words ‘Juan’ and ‘Mogi’ in the logo are separated by different colors.
The Bondi Blue that is used in the word ‘Juan’ represents the peace, unity, harmony, tranquility, calmness, trust, coolness and confidence that are portrayed under his leadership.
While the color black represents his modernity, his power (influence), his sophistication and his elegance in teaching and spreading the good news of the Lord.

The typeface:
Baskerville is chosen here, for the purpose of adding a classic touch to the modern feel. It has a very ‘sharp’ finish and it is used for its flexibility and transitional values that has happen over the years as we hope that these ‘transitional values’ in Pastor Juan’s teachings will bring an encouraging impact in people’s lives.

out on a limb logo design

Logo Design Name : Out on a Limb

Kristine Johnson – Cognition Studio –

I created this logo in 2004 for a boutique woman owned small business, who’s specialty is fine tree pruning. The logo needed to be delicate yet strong; bold but not overpowering. In a saturated marketplace, like the Pacific NW, the mark needed to be unique from all other competitors yet be approachable for clientele.

I spent a lot of time with the owner, shadowing her as she climbed in and out of trees for hours on end. I had that “a-ha!” moment when I was standing at the bottom of the tree holding her rope as she speed climbed up using an old-school foot-locking technique. The perspective of her getting into that tree was amazing, not to mention just how fast she could climb with nothing but her bare hand and feet on a rope.

Taking the owner’s philosophy of traditional tree care, deep rooted love for non-harming techniques and hard core physicality of the job, blended it with the customers perspective of looking up at the workers in the tree, gave me the inspiration to create this logo.

I’ve created a core of award winning logos, one recently featured in Graphis design annual, but this is my favorite because it was done for a small boutique business that has gained notoriety around the world. Kathy Holzer, the owner of Out on a Limb Tree Company, has competed in international tree climbing competitions (taking first place in 2005) and she wears gear with her logo silk screened on it. She always brings a handful of shirts and sweatshirt to give out to top-notch competitors from around the world, but always leaves with a stack of orders to fill when she gets home. This logo has been printed on more hoodies and technical shirts and shipped around the world because tree climbers just digg it that much, it has a cult like following. Why wouldn’t it be my favorite when I know it did the job that well?

Browns 60 Anniversary logo design

Logo Design Name : Cleveland Browns

Chris Modarelli – Art Director for the Cleveland Browns –

I created this logo as part of the Cleveland Browns 60th Anniversary season. It was to be used in conjunction with all training camp promotions and event signage. It was also to appear as a patch on the team uniform during training camp.

I wanted to create a logo that not only had a retro feel, but that also showed a piece of franchises history. I did this by using the old “brownie” icon from 1946 which I re-created from old program covers.

MosaicHomes logo design

Logo Design Name : Mosaic Homes

Trish Schaefer – Mosaic Homes –


I designed this logo in 2006 in Phoenix, AZ. I consider this the best logo I have ever designed because it is the only logo where I experienced an “ah ha” moment. Usually my original idea for a logo works for me and the client. I’ve had great success coming up with an initial design concept and getting it approved. It’s actually very hard for me to change gears and come up with other concepts if the client demands several concepts or doesn’t like the initial idea. This is obviously a failing on my part and something I work on every day when designing. That is why this logo is so important to me.

My initial idea for this logo didn’t work for me. I didn’t even show it to the client it was so bad. Not that the idea was bad, but that I could not execute it decently. Usually that is my main issue when designing. Can I execute the idea I have decently and do it justice. I can’t always perform up to my own expectations. And this was a major execution failure on my part. My original idea was to create unique tiles incorporating the initials M and H in a Mediterranean inspired design. I did the research, found some designs, established a color palette (SouthWest inspired) and set to drawing. Yuck is all I can say.

My second idea was much simplified and good. But I felt it may be too generic. It was a grouping of monotone tiles with the name Mosaic next to them. It had a nice feel, but I had an inkling it had been done before. As it turned out I saw almost my exact design on a billboard months later for Mosaic Bank! Glad I didn’t submit that idea to the client.

So I had to push myself to come up with something new. I had a simple house outline I had used in some fine art pieces back in college and grabbed it for the project. At first I was working with house shaped tiles, but that wasn’t working. It wasn’t until I dragged the house outline over the monotone tiles for the second idea that my “ah ha” moment happened. From that point on it was like putting the final pieces of a jigsaw together. Everything just fell into place.

And there it was, the perfect logo. A house made out of standard tile, but with the tiles done in such a way as to evoke an outdoor scene with sun, sky and earth around the house. From that point on I could see the mosaic tile house done in actual tile and am still hoping to see it.

I consider the mosaic tile house the bestest logo I’ve ever done. I am deliberately excluding the type for a couple of reasons. I do like the fonts I chose and adjusted to fit around the mark I made, but I was without internet at the time and had a limited amount of fonts at my disposal to work with. I like what I chose, don’t get me wrong, but I can see the font being updated some day in the future. When choosing the fonts I did, I tried to keep in mind old fashion wrought iron used decoratively on homes, gates, fences, etc. Something with curves, but not too curvy. I also had the client chose the final font/s. In the end we went with Phyllis Initials for the caps and Book Antiqua for the lower case letters. If the logo were ever done in tile, the fonts would be done in bronze and copper on top of the tile. Not only had I designed the logo, but their outdoor sign as well.

Unfortunately the property market crashed not too long after this logo was approved and paid for. The client is sitting on the brand for now. Waiting for the new build property market to turn around. We both look forward to seeing it used to its fullest potential some day.

The step by step designing of this logo can also be seen on page 120 of “The Secret Life of Logos” book by Leslie Cabarga.


Logo Design Name : Rejuvé Eascapes

Designer Name – Jenny Buffkin

This is a logo that I designed with a spa or resort in mind. It would offer various body works and treatments, but focus on hot stone therapy, thus my reason using warm color’s throughout. Since these type of treatments are uplifting and relaxing, the repetitive circles of “stones” are sized to give the feeling of floating upward. Weightless. Balanced.

How’d I come up with the name? The name “RejuvÈ” is derived from the term “rejuvenation” and “escapes” well, we all want an escape now and then, right?

Combine the mark with the energetic typeface ( Lourdes) and you have a successful logo that communicates very well with the target audience. This is my favorite mark because of the wonderful place I’m taken to in my mind, each time I see it.

godsmac logo design

Logo Design Name : God’s Mac

Gabe Taviano – – Web Design –

This is the logo I designed for our site / podcast. Our podcast was started to begin discussion online about how the Bible / Christian faith changes how we use technology.

Most people that use technology often end up becoming Mac users. Myself and the co-hosts of the show are Mac users, so most of our podcast and site content covers either basic / web technologies or Mac-centric stuff. The difficult part was finding a name that fit, which ended up being a bit of a spin-off of the rock band GodSmack.

As we were designing the logo we really wanted to tie our faith and technology together, and also give it a Mac flavor. While looking through the history of Mac logos we realized that the older blue / face logo that had been used resembled a cross when flipped vertically. So we set off to design a web 2.0ish logo, and what you see is the result. We get quite a bit of a feedback on the logo, and definitely appreciate it when those with a keen eye realize the Mac-inverted logo attempt.

QSN logo design

Logo Design Name : QSN kwaliteitsmanagement

Bart van der Griendt – Idity –

In a business sector defined by either meticulous fact or just too much red tape, quality service provider QSN desired to be the fresh and innovative alternative. In stead of focussing on acquiring quality certificates for customers, QSN helps it’s clients by applying quality management rather than certificates. It’s brand signals needed to convey that quality management is a natural process which leads to growth.

Early on we decided against using any kind of symbol in the logo. QSN was relatively new in the market, so name recognition had a high priority. Purely typographical logo’s are best suited for that purpose. However – letters and letters only tend to leave a cerebral and constructed image on the mind, while QSN’s brand values revolve around naturalness and inspiration. I solved this puzzle by a balancing act. Heavy and robust on the outside, light and airy on the inside. The letters become windows on a fluent landscape, the logo is stable and dynamic in one.

For any letterform to have content and still be readable, it needs to be ultrabold. There really aren’t that many robust enough ultrabolds out there. I opted for a classic: Frutiger Ultrablack, mostly because it manages to stay elegant even in this extreme weight. It turned out very hard to fit the landscape in the letterforms without compromising readability, doubly so when scaled down to small sizes. Furthermore the gradients might be easy on screen, but using inks it is quite another story. The final logo didn’t come to me as an epiphany, like it sometimes does, but as the end result of simple loving labor and patiently trying to find solutions.

For it’s tagline ‘kwaliteitsmanagement’ (Quality management) I chose Preface light, a perfectly airy companion to the monumental Frutiger Ultrablack.

End of Part 1 – Submit Your Own ‘Best’ Logo

If you want to add your own logo to forthcoming versions of this post, then check out this post :

I Want The Bestest Logo You Have Designed – Ever

If you do submit a logo, then please ensure you submit a few paragraphs about how the logo came into being etc. Without this information I can’t add your logo.


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