Taking on New Logo Design Briefings

Every now and again you put all your eggs in one basket for one of those BIG jobs. The kind of lottery win project where you put aside other possible work leads; where you commit to just one 3 month logo project, so as not to have to take on smaller jobs, just so you can give ALL of yourself, ALL of your energy, ALL of your time and commitment; the kind of logo project that will give you some much needed confidence and reassurance after working so hard for all these years, but only to have the client bail on your RIGHT at the last moment.

The logo design brief that was filled in just looks so fantastic: challenging, rewarding, exciting and will touch on some of the unknown, not to mention financially sweet!

Promises of intent, promises of the deposit is coming, promises of a enthusiastic and rewarding working relationship clearly meaning nothing to the person making them all at the expense of that one logo designer who dared, once again, to believe in a verbal agreement, or the gentlemen’s handshake.

Some projects just take a while to get going, before any deposit or signature of intent (for what the latter is worth), as you have various chats on the phone to solidify and expand the brief, to just have casual conversations in order to better ‘get’ the client, emails are exchanged over a period of weeks to ensure that both designer and client are fully prepped, expectations are explained, questions/queries/concerns are worked out.

In this period of time other possible work leads are coming in, but you have to make a choice as to what to do with them whilst you get close to winding up the biggest job yet. You can’t just leave other potential clients dangling without explanation, you can’t just promise them yes: you’ll take them on, knowing you will also have committed to giving all yourself to this other client, but it also doesn’t feel quite right to turn them away all the time you have no deposit in hand. There is often this period that comes into play that I just hate, but oftentimes I make the right call for myself and for others’. This time I well and truly put my trust and commitment into the one project that would evaporate just hours before expecting the first deposit.

My emotions, over a 3 week period ranged from: excitement, caution, confidence, winning the lottery then having the lottery winnings taken away due to a mistake.

Just 3 days earlier I made the choices to turn down the other 3 jobs, which all together would have been a better pay-day, but 3 projects together is hard work. Now I have nothing, other than to put myself back out there, put my hand out, and say, “Please sir, can I have some more work?”

I am now scratching for that next pay day, and therefore: Taking on New Logo Design Briefings


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2013/09/12 & Post Updated: 2016/09/14
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