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A stunning painted building sign for Fox and Sons

Further to my mini-series on vintage building signage and typography 'Robins Brewery' and 'Vintage Typography in the Wild', this post tackles a modern version of these painted building signs.

The building in question is a Fox and Son's office, based in the historic town of Lewes and sits on the edge of the towns main through road junction.

The picture below shows the sort of view you get if you are driving or walking directly towards it. No argument from me on the effectiveness of this approach and huge props to Fox and Sons for maintaining this painted sign. I have a feeling that they are not permitted to hang a plastic monstrosity, as many building in Lewes are very old and listed. So their hand may have been forced, but regardless, it looks amazing and fits in well with general feel of the area.

The last photo shows the view from directly underneath it, very impressive.

What's interesting is seeing how the sign painter has interpreted the official logo which uses transparency to abandon. Clearly not so easy to reproduce these vibrant colours using wall paint or whatever paint they use. But close enough for something so amazing. Be nice to see more of these painted signs done with modern identities. It can be done and should be done.

Vintage typography in the wild – Decca TV and Radio

Following my last post on vintage building typography and signage Robins Brewery, I went out on a mission to try and find further examples of this throw back to a time forgotten. I am even more ashamed that in all my 37 years in this small town, I have not fully noticed this gem of a vintage hand painted advertisement.

I walk down this street most days, yet apparently, not noticed what was right there in front of me. I was shocked frankly. This sign is just beautiful, yet it's tucked neatly away up this incredibly narrow path. You can see from the other photos just how narrow this path is, the angle of view is very small, hence most people don't seem to notice it.

Clearly it was intended to be seen as you walked down from the top of this road, and at that time, this ugly shop right in front was not there. Now with these newer buildings side by side, this hand painted sign has been left for all these decades.

An advertisement for a TV, radio and electrical repairers with advertised brand names such as Decca, Regal, HMV, Brunswick and Columbia.

As I was taking these photos a traffic warden was eyeing me up. He actually approached me, somewhat bemused as to why I was pointing my iPhone down and up this dark path. Amazingly, he didn't notice what I was taking photographs of until I actually pointed the vintage sign out. He seemed to be quite taken aback, and I proceeded to tell him about the Robins Brewery sign I discovered a week back.

Really does go to show how unaware we can really be with things around us. This has spurred me on to find more examples, not just in Seaford but further afield in towns such as Lewes and Brighton.