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2x Dribbble Invites Right Here

Been sitting on these Dribbble invites for far too long so time to part with them. Not going to get you to jump hoops—pun slightly intended—for a chance to snag one, but neither am I just going to randomly give them out.

To whom I give these Dribbble invites to it will all come down if I just dig your style of design. My choice isn't saying one is better over the other as it would be far too arrogant of me to take that stance. It's simply me taking a quick look at your portfolio and deciding to whom I will pass on the Dribbble invite.

I think the reason I have hung onto these invites as it always proves to be somewhat of a pain, and when I have done this before I have sensed that those that didn't get the invite felt, somehow and unreasonably, slighted or personally aggrieved. That is not a position I really want to be in, but neither do I want these two invites to just stagnate for a indefinite period.

I know there are many who are still craving to get on Dribbble—I have personally become a little indifferent with it—so would just like to have these 2x Dribbble invites being used for their intended purpose. I would just like to get rid of them, and that's what I am doing.


If you want to take a shot—another poor pun—at scoring—another equally poor pun—a Dribbble invite then just shoot—yes, another pun—me a link to your portfolio in the comments below. I will then just give them a quick look in a week or two then pick 2 that just make me smile.

Please don't lower yourself to offering your Sister, Girlfriend, or Mother in exchange for a Dribbble invite. I shall not be swayed.

150 Google+ Plus Invites Available

This is a one-off temporary post for the sole purpose of providing a group link that will enable the first 150 60 people to use it to score an invite to Google+ (+Graham Smith).

150 60 Invites available via this link

I am also looking to get listed in RecommendedUsers (Artists & Designers) so if you genuinely feel I offer: insightful, interesting, valuable links and resources then I would utterly appreciate a recommendation. But please; only if you genuinely like or find useful my various posts and updates. Thank you.​m/

FFFFound Invite Giveaway Winner Announced

FFFfound invite

FFFFound Invite Giveaway Winner

Was cool to be able to offer an FFFFound invite up like this, shame I could not offer more, but it's one invite per 'invite' so to speak. So I narrowed down the list of potentials, then randomly chose one name from 10.

The FFFFound invite goes to Damien Basile (@db).

Now you can all pester Damien for his one invite... ;0) #kaboom

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