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Surely Making Progress in Twitter & Life

This morning, a new follower who found me through TwitterGrader congratulated on me on being pretty high up in the rankings.

Now, hand on heart, I can't remember the last time I checked TwitterGrader, least even think about looking at their Top 100 list. The last time I did so check I was way down in the 1000's. 

But the fact that this chap mentioned he found me in the Top 100 naturally piqued my interest. How on earth could I be in the Top 100 after the last time I looked I was like no where close.

I know I have been very active recently on Twitter and using it fully to establish a presence for me and my business, and things so seem to be progressing very nicely for me. But even so, in the Top 100?

I hate numbers as much as I hate grammar

I try very hard to not think about numbers, percentages, facts, figures, statistics, you can get swamped with data and I prefer to be just hands on and let it role naturally. I mean, I still sit firmly in the camp that believes 1+1=11. And by naturally, I mean doing what I do day in and day out, getting my hands dirty and working hard to establish a firm presence.

But this morning was more than I could ignore, so therefore I trotted to TwitterGrader to see how close to 100 I was. Shock. Number 8. I mean, seriously, this is insane. I have no idea how it's all calculated and frankly I really don't care how it works, but I was pretty pleased to be in such good company. The feeling was one of knowing that something is now paying off, the hard work and dedication in the social media arena seems to be stacking up in my favour.

Of course, these rankings are very fragile and clearly you cannot rest on your laurals for 5 seconds. 5 hours later and I had dropped 2 places. The cheek of it. Fortunately, I figued this maybe the case so took a screenshot to record this event. 

Im really quite a nice chap you see

I really don't want to come across as some egotistical fanatic, but one has to take these rare moments of glory by the horns and shamelessly self promote yourself. Finding that fine line between being modest, overaly modest, obnoxious or slightly irritatingly up your own ass, and just being happy at seeing the hard work slowly pay off is hard. 

So please, I  hope you don't regard me as an attention seeking, selfish self opinionated and fame seeking individual. I have found my trench and I have dug myself firmly in. Things seem to be slowly falling into place for me. 

It's the many terrific people on Twitter who I consider friends, as much as you can call someone you have never met a friend, that keep this Twitter boat afloat for me.

I thoroughly enjoy every moment I spend on Twitter. Im very fortunate to be doing what Im doing as and when I feel like it. Freelancing has given me freedom from 'employee status terror' and unbearable anxiety at the hands of some of most unsettling Managing Directors I have ever had the missfortune to work under. No more. Twitter has allowed me to spread my wings and given me immense self satisfaction, renewed confidence and calmness.

This is why little things like being in the Top 10 of the Twitter Grader Elite do mean a lot to me in terms of what I have achieved. It's a small but meaningfull acknowledgment.

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