More good ‘karma’ – I am a StumbleUpon Sponsor

I am now officially sponsoring StumbleUpon which leaves me with a healthy radiant glow… I didn’t even think about it after I received a email from them this morning. One of those impulse moments I feel.


  1. Show pages you’ve thumbed up while searching with Google or Yahoo
  2. Pages We Both Like feature to see what you have in common with other stumblers
  3. Unlimited stumbling within favorites of your friends
  4. See People We Both Like when visiting other stumblers
  5. Ability to Create New Groups (see the Group Directory)
  6. Have copies of all your messages emailed to you (both sent & received messages)
  7. Longer message history on your inbox and contact tabs
  8. Ability to Turn off Sponsored Stumbles

Some useful additions there to open your network of like minded Bloggers etc. Have already found some great sites just by being able to see what other people are doing.

And I guess doing my bit to help support a brilliant concept like stumbling.

Worth considering? Well, I guess $20 is a little high on initial inspection, as there is no direct advertising or link benefit, but if it opens up further networks of friends, like minded bloggers, then this in itself will allow your Blog to cover much more area and touch many more people. So more of a longer term investment. Due to being in the UK, with the exchange rate, then obviously for me it works out at about £12.

Worth keeping an eye on if you are a regular Stumbler like myself.


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