StumbleUpon Rebrands—Like or Dislike?

BrandNew have dibs on a review of the new StumbleUpon redesign. I’m not totally convinced myself. Going to say up front that this is not a bashing of the idea, but that it’s more about the final execution that leaves me wanting to fiddle with it myself.

It just feels almost, but not quite.

As a whole the mark and typography feels half complete like it was pushed to completion with a way past deadline. The pairing of the logo mark and the font just doesn’t sit with me.

The wording is solid and dependable, but it just does not lay well with the more fluid, and curvy nature of the logo mark. There are almost two design styles here, and I just don’t think whey work well together.

The proportions of the logo mark feel off with the white non-penis icon looking a little lost in a sea of red. I would be keen to see the white icon filling a little more of the red container, or even abandon the red circle and make the white non-penis icon the whole focus.

The idea is not the problem, but I don’t think they have put in that extra mile needed, and added the polish that could have seen this looking a little harmonious and tighter.

I think this is an example of when a logo has decent individual elements, but they don’t bond together like they mean it.

Bonus Round

And the bonus round comes via the warped, but right, mind of Alexander Bickov.



Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2011/12/06 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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