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Found this site a few weeks back, but only just recently started playing with it. Spectives collects RSS feeds and presents the data in a visual thumbnail way. So rather than bucket loads of text, it shows the main image of each RSS feed.

Logo Collection On Spectives

For example, I set up a collection called ‘logos’ – http://www.spectives.com/logos, and then I have started adding my favourite logo related websites, such as LogoDesignLove, BrandNew, LogoMotives, LogoDesignWorks etc to this collection.

I can then visit this ‘logo’ collection and visually see any new logo based articles and posts that take my fancy all one foul swoop.

This collection will consist of websites with news related logo design articles, opposed to any feeds from inspiration sites such as Logopond etc.

RSS Feed

I will be adding further logo design websites to this Spectives ‘logo collection’ in due course. You can then subscribe to the collections in your own RSS feed reader.

This is an RSS update feed for updated RSS feeds I guess.

So if you want, you can add this link : http://www.spectives.com/logos.rss to your RSS reader to be kept abreast of logo related news updates etc.

I have only just started playing with this today, so am sure there are other things you can do, but like it so far. If you love being swamped with information, and who doesn’t, then Spectives is yet another thing to add joy to your daily life.

Other Spectives Collections

These are just further collections I will start adding RSS feeds to:




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