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Some iPhone & iTouch Application Icon Ideas

One of a few design styles for the upcoming Sifter application icon for iPhone & iTouch. Also looking at flat colour opposed to the wood texture direction.

The initial S will sit centrally within the dark inset of the icon which has a black rubber edging/seal around the beveled opening/hole.

This is more about tactile dimension that untouchable hyper-realism.

This is more about an icon that just looks like you could interact with it: like poke your finger in the hole and wiggle it around underneath the wooden top.

More updates of this project to come soon.

Need a iPhone or Mobile App Icon?

Have to say I really do enjoy the icon side of my job. If you are looking for a icon designed for your mobile application then I would love to hear from you. I have only designed a few 'live' app icons to date: Extensis FontFuse & Feedly, but hope those examples show you what I can craft.

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