Sneek Peek : Wide Eye Optics Logo Design

A rather accidental approach to design. I am sure I am not the only one who, in the process of working on logo design project, end up with additional ideas for totally new logo ideas.

Wide Eye Optics was the product of such a ‘fluky’ approach, I don’t mind admitting. It started with the logomark, I was playing with concentric circles then all of a sudden I ‘saw’ a eye, yes, a wide eye. Then always thinking, as I do, it seemed a reasonable action to convert that particular idea into it’s own logo.

It’s not a complicated design by any stretch of the imagination, but giving it meaning by adding the right wording, creates ‘life’.

I did toy with leaving the logo as ‘wide eye’ but it felt pretty ‘random’ and ‘lost’, with no real association. The ‘optics’ wording was added as it felt appropriate and helped give specific meaning to ‘wide eye’. The next best thing was that this was a ‘brand/business’ name that was available as a .com domain. So one neat and tidy package.

So a rather loose ‘fancy pants’ description could be thus : “Wide Eye Optics represents ‘vision’ as a whole… the ‘whole’ wide eye implies clear and global and vision, the 3 spheres also imply optic cables and routing.”

It’s not your usual method for a standard logo design process. Typically, if you’re lucky, you start with a name and brief, then develop the design from there. On this occasion, the logomark was accidentally created, an idea was formed around this fluke, then name created to best suit the logomark… voila.

Of course, you need to be able to see shapes and meanings in things that some people might not see, but if you design logos for long enough, your mind seems to automatically be on high alert for such hidden and accidental meanings in designs.

What to do with it

So, I have this logo sitting there, not doing much of anything. Finances being tough, and looking for additional ways to save my sanity over the many debts and mortgage missed payments, Brandstack came into view.

All my logos are designed by me and not a chipmunk.


Brandstack Profile :

Given some pretty sad state of affairs with recent overseas clients refusing to pay, I have found myself needing to find alternative methods of income. I have a feeling some people are likely to scorn and get on their moral high ground over sites like Brandstack, unrealistically lumping it in to the same ‘controversial’ subject as ‘spec work’.

Logo and domain for sale over at Brandstack :

Comes with domain name with 1 years registration.

Brandstack offers us a place to get rid of unused, unwanted, conceptual designs… Even designing specifically with Brandstack in mind, it offers each one of us an alternative way to earn some money. Being freelance, and not earning a regular income, anything that can boost our portfolio and awareness of what we do as a whole can only be a good thing in these harsh financial times. Need to move with the flow and keep up with the times.

Just be thankful I have not had to consider selling my body.

You can follow Brandstack on Twitter @Brandstack


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/12/10 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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