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Sneek Peek

This is just a sneek peek of  a logo and identity design I have finished for a self initiated project called, OptoLoop.  The Sneek Peek is to provide an initial view of the logo images and is linked to my portfolio. An in-depth ‘logo design process’ post will be done in time brief and to the point information on that design. It will be linked to the images currently existing in my portfolio.

Each one of the circles are looped through the other three, forming a solid interlinked logomark. The heavy use of gradients is for effect and is not my usual style, but in some cases, it can really bring a image to life. A straightforward black and white only version is not possible with this design, due to the layering requirements of the circles. Although a non gradient version in 4 shades of flat grey is easily done.

The font is called Effra Light from DaltonMaag.


Logo and domain for sale over at Brandstack. Comes with domain name with 1 years registration.

Brandstack Profile :

You can follow Brandstack on Twitter @Brandstack


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2010/02/08 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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