Signatures. Having the last word on your comments.

Ellie & ShannonAnother self explanatory title. Always useful.

Before I even get started, I am a ‘for’ leaving signatures on comments. Just needed to get that out of the way so you know where Im at. Certainly not sitting on the fence with this one, unlike most other things in my life. Religion, aliens, ghosts… you name it, I fence sit it. No one can prove or disprove so therefore I cannot make a valid judgment without what ‘I’ call satisfactory evidence.

But anywho, I digress.

To me this is a marketing, self promotion no brainer. Yet the reason why I even bring it up is that I have seen an abundance of posts from very well respected Bloggers saying quite categorically that under no circumstances whatsover should one leave a signature on the comment.

What? Reasons are given, well, not exactly reasons full stop, more of a ‘just don’t do it’. Why the hell not? Ok, the main reason cited is that it’s redundant to leave a signature as we all have to give our details, including URL which automatically creates this ‘marketing/advertising’ link back to our own site. That’s it?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all up for minimalisms, simplicity and anything else that borders on less is just less. Less isn’t more, that just doesn’t compute for me. Righto.

But come on, we are in the business of promoting ourselves and our blogs. We go to extraordinary lengths to promote, market, sell, convince, persuade, lie, offer, blackmail people to come to our own unique patch of Blogturf.

Yet the one major tool we have in our arsenal, comments, we are ‘advised’ to leave sparse minus our signature. This really equates to leaving a blank business card, letterhead or comp slip or company brochure after meeting with a client, they all equate to the same thing. Sell yourself and your site every opportunity you can. Leave your details everywhere and everywhere again. Failure to leave your details just means another failed opportunity.

Comments are your calling card, so make sure the calling card has details on where people can call you. It really is that simple.

Comments are the one place that leaving details about who you are and what you do can and should in my professional opinion should be added, not excluded.

No need to get all silly with it. Most of us leave signatures on emails, so what’s darn wrong with leaving them on comments? I fail to see why we should or ought to not include them. We are contributing to the authors site, to the effort they put in to making this post, so in return we leave a comment with our details. It’s how the world works.

Yet, we are continually told that “it’s just not done“. Leave the message and that’s it. Utter trash basically.

I love leaving comments, and a fair proportion of them are several paragraphs each, I like to make a contribution. I also like to leave my calling card. It’s not much really, it looks like this.

Graham Smith
“Web & Blog Ramblings from ‘my’ Gutter”

I fail to see what is so wrong with leaving these inoffensive few lines at the end of a comment. It says who I am, where Im at and what I do. Nothing more, nothing less. I realise some sites strip of any HTML, so what. That’s OK, I still get to leave my calling card with a descriptive title even if the link is made redundant. Still a useful visual tool.

I understand that some blog owners DO allow signatures, but with a limitation on how many words or lines you can have. I guess that makes perfect sense, but for these sites, my signature would then be dissalowed at it’s too long. But is it really that offensive, does it really cause any significant issues? 

Maybe as a compromise I could adapt it so… One line, remove my name as that DOES appear at the top of every comment and put the remaining two lines on one line. Is this more appropriate?

ImJustBlogging “Web & Blog Ramblings from ‘my’ Gutter”

It helps me, and it helps the people who read the comments see if I could be worth a visit rather than just reading comment with the standard linked Name at the top of every post. When I read other comments I am also on the look out for other blogs that I might like. At the moment, I just click a name and hope it takes me somewhere nice. Sometime yes, sometime no.

A signature would help me make that decision. It’s a little more information that I need to help me when Im scanning pages for helpful information. And who was that author who famously wrote, “Don’t make me think?”.

It’s just common sense marketing, advertising, self promotion, blog awareness sensibility.

Am I missing something here? I have 20 years experience in commercial marketing, advertising, print and design, so do know a fair bit about what works and what doesn’t in the real world. In Blogging years I am a newcomer, but the principles are pretty much the same. I’m not an expert,but neither am I naivé.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2008/02/17 & Post Updated: 2008/02/24
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