‘ScratchBack’ – The Generous way to show Link Love…

ScratchBack. I have been following this neat and promising idea for a while, and although not seeing it on every website, it’s popularity is hotting up.

In part to the Google Bomb a while back which seemed to penalise bloggers for various text link ad’s, unless of course it was Google Adlinks. The word is that user’s are abandoning companies like TLA in favour of other viable alternatives, such as ScratchBack.

MarketVice published a article on this whole Google Bomb nightmare, so I won’t repeat word from word, I suggest you go over and take a look for yourselves, but I do agree 100% with what they are saying, including the comments about the state of their website…. Please, someone go and design them a decent site, and some decent ScratchBack templates.

I have had my listing turned on and off recently as it looks just messy on my site, I don’t like much clutter, so this aspect could easily be rectified. Create more user friendly templates, or even have a design interface online to create more theme friendly lists. I ended up with the Black and Orange, as this was the most ‘fitting’ of them all, but still not what I had in mind as a theme relevant widget . I am pretty sure that some site owner’s are reluctant to show this on their site because of the size each listing takes and the seemingly limited choice of styles.

This is a shame, but Scratchback will undoubtedly, in time, expand on their templates allowing for more seemless integration with site theme’s.

I’ll be talking more about how widgets and plug-in’s, can really mess up an otherwise superb theme, even when the plug-in or widget is invaluable. Tho two should go hand in hand, ease and suitability of application with aesthetics.

But back to ScratchBack, I have been quite active participating in this scheme all over the web. My latest ‘donation’ was to a new site called ‘Traffikd‘, which I highly encourage you to check out. But if you go there soon, you should see my ‘ImJustCreative‘ name on the list, until that is it’s bumped off. Then I will probably do it again at some point.

Also I have listed on CKMarketing ScratchBack list, another incredible Blog that at the moment are publishing some invaluable tutorials on WordPress themes, just amazing Blog contributions from these guys. Zoom them, DIGG them and STUMBLE them, they deserve it.

Brian at Elite by Design has also just now signed up after I left a comment on his Blog about this. Go and check it out and sign up. Brian does some extraordinary cool things with PhotoShop and WordPress. I also link to his WordPress theme, which you can see on the ‘WordPress Love’ sidebar. I have ‘tipped’ Brian and now appear on his ScratchBack list, it’s all very cool in my opinion.

For me personally, this site is new and is finding it’s feet and voice, so even if it does not generate instant traffic, it’s a great way to spread your brand and market awareness around the web. Just place your name where ever you can…

But it’s a great idea, spread lots’ of Karma and know you are helping yourself and others in the process. I only suggest $2.50 per slot, which is peanuts, but the dividends are more than worth it. Although my traffic is not huge, at last count it was about 200 page visits a day and rising.

I am aggressively promoting the site and this appears to be working, so growth should be positive. And obviously, the more people that link and support me, the more people will see the ScratchBack listings, so in effect, helping me to help yourself. Everyone wins. And don’t forget*, if you are UK resident, if you list on my ScratchBack I will send you a new Sumajin Smartwrap.

To be honest, I’m not looking at this a means to generate cash, more it’s a great fun and very obvious way to get your links out there. I really feel this is advertising at its best. The price of which is so negligible.

I won’t be signing up to all blogs with this, only the ones which I admire and like, it’s also a great way to show your appreciation for the work the owners put into the site.

Seems everyone wins. Just need better theme/site integration.

* Show me the love and request a listing on my Scratchback, (and if your in the UK) I will post you a FREE Sumajin Smartwrap Cable thingy worth £3.49 for your headphones or earphones. Please Email me first for stock availability at: graham (at) imjustcreative (dot) com


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2008/02/10 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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