Remember. An Apple a day – Type Poster for Free Download

Remember. An Apple a day...

Remember. An Apple a day – Typographic Poster

A new typographic based poster design, free for you to download. This quote came about whilst on my usual daily rampage on Twitter. Just popped into being after hearing the usual debate about the virtues of Mac and/or PC. being a Mac fan, I ofcourse sided with Mac. Hence this poster. “Remember. An Apple a day keeps Vista at bay.”

Usual rules apply. Sarcasm, opinion and silly humour all used as essential ingredients for this poster. Don’t sue me because you don’t like it.

Download on Flickr

You can download the A3 JPEG version of this poster direct via Flickr, so you can throw darts at it or wipe you’re bottom with it.

Download Adobe CS Vector File

Or you can download the original Adobe Illustrator CS vector file, with text converted to outline. I have saved as the lowest version of Adobe CS, so whatever version of CS you use, this should work.

If you do edit this poster, please just leave my logo in the footer as the original credit, thank you.


The poster was set entirely in Helvetica Neue of various weights. Of course.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/10/01 & Post Updated: 2009/10/01
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