Punctuality Negative Space Logo Design in Helvetica

Punctuality 'Negative Space' Logo Concept
A personal logo project playing with negative space in logo marks. This logo, in Helvetica of course, came about more by accident, so nothing overtly planned. Whilst playing with another client logo, and looking at quote marks, I saw this thunderbolt shape that appeared when you put two together.

Seeing this negative space ‘thunderbolt/lightning’ shape, then spurred me to find a use for it. Initially came up with a pretty lame ass name, QuoteFlash, talk about literal. But that was really just putting some kind of name to the logomark. So I played with various shapes and rotations of the quote marks, played with colours, different fonts, positions… you name it, I tried it. Ultimately came back to what you see here.

Sometimes the first ideas can be the most suitable, changing things for the sake of changing is not always worth the hassle. Just because an idea might hit you in a flash, doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to spend countless hours looking at all other possibilities


The wording ‘punctuality’ popped into my head and felt this was pretty appropriate. Certainly not as lame as QuoteFlash. The logo, ‘Punctuality’ embodies both the meaning of ‘punctuation’ as well as being ‘punctual’.

A logo just for kicks. I mean, you could argue it’s not technically a logo, more of a type design. But that is for another discussion.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/11/29 & Post Updated: 2010/02/15
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