Prevue – Concept Sharing and Portfolio – Invites Available

I have been meaning to play around with Prevue for some weeks, so this morning I finally poked and prodded around the site.

First impressions are pretty positive. There are three main areas of interest: your online portfolio for starters, a place to seek and gather feedback from clients or friends and finally, a stream of your most recent Dribbble entries.

I have started to add most recent logo designs to: Logo Portfolio Project and Client Project Feedback for early logo concepts and ideas that need comments and feedback, but there are space limitations. You get 30 prevue spaces, so each design you upload counts as one prevue space.

To encourage you to spread the Prevue word, you can earn additional Prevue Spaces by giving people your invite code, personally inviting people who actually sign up and finally, more spaces for every 100 Prevue’s you upload. So some of you will be hearing from me…

Overall it looks and feels great, really clean and fuss free. The ability to leave and make comments as well as anote aspects of each upload will prove quite useful in some circumstances. There are some privacy issues that may mean you can’t upload certain types of client work. There is no way to selectively adjust which projects are publicly viewable etc, which may give some clients cause for concern.

If you are looking for a low key Dribbble style alternative, a place where you can invite friends and colleagues to comment on some new ideas of yours then this could really work out.


If you are keen interested to give Prevue a go, leave your name and contact details in comments below and I will pick as many as I can.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2011/03/09 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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