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ZuluSafari logomark design Negative by imjustcreative

Logomark, encompassing the initials Z & S,  designed for Zulu Safari (@ZuluSafari): an American missionary travelling around South Africa.

The client, who spends a lot of time travelling around Africa, needed an identity to distinguish himself. The aim to try and modernise the, sometimes antiquated, perception of missionaries as a whole.

The challenge was to avoid any obvious cliché associations with safari, zulus, Africa, religion etc. It was a potential field of cliché mines whilst not making is so clinical, or generic, to have no meaning at all. I instinctively went down the route of the obvious at first, herds of animals, zulu warriors, desserts, trees, tribal patterns and then once suitably hacked off with the amount of clichés on one pasteboard, we moved on.

After many sketches and head banging sessions, I developed this very symbolic icon that has several meanings and associations.

The main logomark consists of the initials, 'Z' and 'S'. Yet, when drawn in a certain style, creates the impression of a face, the eyes and nose that has a tribal look and feel to it.

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