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Black Vanilla Gelateria

Black Vanilla-Logo-Takeaway-Coffee-Cup-Crop

Black Vanilla logo and Brand identity-designed by The Logo Smith

Logo and brand identity design for Black Vanilla-Boutique Bakery and Gelateria, which included: initial logo design, design and artwork for all signage, branding of cups, bags, boxes etc, and internal paperwork/stationery.

Since the opening of the initial Blackheath location, they has opened another location in Greenwich which is a "Champagne Bar and Gelateria." There are now two subtle variations of the logo, each one with the appropriate location tag line.

The idea behind the custom  font came from the actual shape of vanilla pods, which lent itself quite nicely to be appropriated by the letter 'l'.

To be able to, quite neatly, integrate the visual suggestion of a vanilla pod into the logo created a nice natural association to the brand name.


Black Vanilla Logo on Shop Exterior, Door Sign & Awning

Black Vanilla-Boutique-Bakery-and-Gelateria-Door-Sign-Logo


Black Vanilla-Logo-Restaurant-Front

About"At Black Vanilla, we work on the simple principle that only the freshest fruit and finest ingredients are used in our delicious gelato and sorbetto. Never compromising, our belief is in local independent producers and to provide people with seasonal irresistible produce, always GM free, with no artificial additives or preservatives.

Our gelato and sorbetto flavours change on a daily basis to reflect seasonal variations and to keep your taste buds alive.


Our gelato and sorbetto is freshly made daily in small batches. We use the best ingredients available, both locally-sourced and from further afield. Our pistachios come from Bronte, Sicily, and are hazelnuts are from Piedmont. Our milk and cream, of course, are locally sourced from Kent.


Our gelato contain between 4-8% fat and our sorbetto is both dairy-free and fat-free, compared to the 14-25% fat found in traditional ice cream. Gelato is a decadent and completely satisfying treat, but its creaminess comes not from fat or sugar, but from expertly balancing every component in the recipe.

While traditional English ice cream is made up of 50-100% air, our gelato is just30-35%, resulting in a far more flavourful taste.

Gelato produced with milk and/or nuts is very high in protein (essential for a healthy diet) and contains a high number of vitamins - even more so in fruit sorbettos. Even cream flavours made from milk contain essential vitamins, and are a great source of calcium.

High quantities of fat give ice cream an unnatural shelf life. Good gelato, like good bread, is made fresh daily."

Black Vanilla Interior Design

BlackVanilla Interior BlackVanilla logo shop interior BlackVanilla-logo-shop-interior-1  BlackVanilla-logo-shop-interior

Selection of Cutlery & Takeaway Cups



BlackVanilla-Logo-Plate-and-Cake   BlackVanilla-Logo-Takeaway-Coffee-Cup

Examples of BlackVanilla Logo and Packaging Artwork


BlackVanilla Logo and Brand Identity designed by The logo Smith


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