The $999 Olympus OM-D vs $7995 Leica Monochrom

Like a number of other people, I have realised that relying on the iPhone for photography has become a lazy ass way to rely on taking all photographs. I got interested in photography as a 5 year old, and my Father got me my first SLR, a Canon T70, when I was 12, and ever since then had been very much into digital photography until…

The first iPhone arrived at a time when I was just about ready to upgrade my trusty Canon EOS 300D, and became a devout iPhone photo taking butt head. Over a few years I became somewhat disillusioned with iPhonography as my only picture taking outlet, and my passion for SLR photography practically disappeared. Convenience is one thing, and there is no doubt that I have managed to capture some remarkably unpredictable moments because I had my iPhone with me, but to utterly abandon my passion for DLSR photography was a foolish decision. There were a few financial considerations for me over the last few years, namely not being able to afford a decent replacement for the 300, which did further factor into my reliance on the ‘best camera is the one you have with you’, ie the iPhonementality.

A few months ago I decided enough is enough: I eased back into ‘proper’ photography by getting the excellent Fuji X10. Getting a compact camera was still an important factor for me, as I was somewhat now put-off by the idea of carrying a full size DSLR around. The Fuji X10 was a means to just refamilirase myself with all the manual settings that I so liked to play with, but had got rusty with whilst totally relying on my iPhone for ALL photographs over the last few years.

The passion quickly returned whilst using the Fuji X10, and now I’m ready to finally make the move back to full DLSR photography.

I have so far zeroed down on the Olympus OM-D EM-5 Micro Four Thirds as a clear favourite, but that brand change would mean foregoing all the Canon the glass I had collected over the years: not a problem given the age of some of my lenses.

This crazy ass comparison of the Olympus OM-D vs Leica Monocrhom (thanks to @imrogb for the heads up) has only reinforced my decision, and couldn’t be happier with my refocusing on DSLR photography. My 2nd camera will still be the excellent Fuji X10 with the 3rd back-up being the Samsung Galaxy S3. That set-up should just about now fulfil all my requirements.

» Source: SteveHuffPhoto