Genuis Icon For Breastfeeding iOS App Nursing Clock-By Marco Arment

Genuis Icon For Breastfeeding iOS App “Nursing Clock” By Marco Arment

nursing clock ios application icon design

This icon design for Marco Arment’s Nursing Clock iOS app is border line genius. I give 10/10 for sheer brilliance as well as simplistic execution. Came to my attention via a Tweet by John Siracusa (@siracusa).


This would also be he same Marco who is the genius behind my favourite read it later app Instapaper.

Have to say I also saw a pair of hands grasping the nipple as well as the milk bottle teat, clock hands and of course breast. Am I missing anything?

Anyone know if Marco designed the icon himself?

Nursing App by Marco Arment

So be rude not to give a few details of the app itself. Details taken from the iTunes description.

A simple, easy-to-use breastfeeding timer.

– Keeps track of which breast was last used (indicated by the white diamond)
– Stopwatch displays the duration of the current feeding
– Shows the start time of the previous feeding
– Keeps the screen on so you can always glance at the time, hands-free
– Easy to read from a distance
– Keeps time even if you leave the app

With the simple three-button interface, you don’t need to learn how to use a complex app or sift through piles of screens. It’s just a simple timer designed for nursing mothers.

Buy on iTunes for 69p Nursing Clock


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