No. I Don’t Design Logos – Sarcastic Poster for Free Download

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No I Don't Design Logos

No. I Don’t Design Logos Typographic Poster

A new poster design, free for you to download. This quote came about whilst I was playing on Twitter in response to something someone said. “No. I don’t design logos. I pull them out of my ass.”

Some people have shown offense and even disgust at this poster. For one, I can’t see it, but each to their own. I purposefully made this poster puerile, silly, immature and contradictory.

I also know I used the incorrect apostrophe.

Call it toilet humour.

It’s the joy of living, being able to say what one want’s to say, and also, to enjoy moments of silly banter. I have purposefully taken the mickey out of myself in this poster, and I’m happy to do so.

So before you leave a depressing comment, stop and think, is it really that offensive and objectionable? Or are you just a misery guts? :)

Download on Flickr

You can download the A3 JPEG version of this poster direct via Flickr, so you can throw darts at it or wipe you’re bottom with it.

Download Adobe CS Vector File

Or you can download the original Adobe Illustrator CS vector file, with text converted to outline. I have saved as the lowest version of Adobe CS, so whatever version of CS you use, this should work.

If you do edit this poster, please just leave my logo in the footer as the original credit, thank you.


The poster was set entirely in Helvetica Neue of various weights


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