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No Bullshit Graphic Design Client Contract Template by Segura, Inc.

Nabbed the headline from Quipsologies, as that perfectly sum's up the nature of this graphic design client contract from Segura, a design firm in Chicago: it's a no bullshit contract.

This client contract sum's up the pretty ethical, and common sense, nature of working with someone; in a pretty clinical and zero tolerance nature.

H/T @Jubaloo_

No Bullshit Graphic Design Client Contract Template by Segura, Inc.

 No Bullshit Graphic Design Client Contract Template by Segura, Inc.

Found through a Tweet from Jason Fried, Founder and CEO at


If someone has issue with any of the statements, then you'll likely better off not engaging with them as a designer.

Sure, it the contract sound's a little aggressive, but it's a clear and frank approach that doesn't get bogged down in paragraphs of legal jargon.

Personally, I have my own Client Proposal, and use Bonsai to create and manage all Client Contracts.

Text from the photograph above:

"You give me money, I’ll give you creative.
I’ll start when the check clears.
Time is money. More time is more money.
I’ll listen to you. You listen to me.
You tell me what you want, I’ll tell you what you need.
You want me to be on time, I want you to be on time.
What you use is yours, what you don’t is mine.
I can’t give you stuff I don’t own.
I’ll try not to be an ass, you should do the same.
If you want something that’s been done before, use that.
If you want your way, you have to pay.
If you don’t pay, I have final say.
Let’s create something great together."


As highlighted in the original post from SignalvsNoise

No Bullshit Graphic Design Client Contract Template by Segura, Inc.

"For those who will be quick to point out legal holes or missing protections, there are many ways to do business.

One way is working with clients you trust — people who appreciate this approach to work.

And if you guessed wrong, and someone fucks you, rather than pursuing legal remedies which cost even more time, money, and hassle, there’s an alternative:

Take your losses, wash your hands, and don’t work with them again."

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