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MyBlogLog has been one of those social network services that I signed up some time ago and really did nothing with for some time. Until now that is.

I am far more active than I used to be with MyBlogLog , and am certainly seeing traffic coming to this site from sites like MyBlogLog . I don’t participate so much in the communities, but I do use it to micro manage my various Social Network sites. They also have a pretty decent LifeStream within your profile, that is made up from all the services that you set-up from your profile. You can see my Lifestream here at Profilactic or at FriendFeed, even a summary LifeStream here on my site.

I still think MyBlogLog has potential to be so much more, plenty of people use it, but it just does not have that certain magical ingredient, that I can’t think of right now. I think the interface for a start needs to be updated and redesigned. That would be a good first step.

So here are a couple of Chicklet, Logos and badges should you want to use them for anything, you can find me on MyBlogLog here .

Since the chaps at Profilactic started using the one I did for them Powered by Profilactic badge that was previously knocked up, I have been enthused to do further Web applications and social networks.

So feel free to use and abuse this logo, small request at bottom of this post.


Ofcourse you are free to use these however you wish. It would be appreciated though if you could find somehow to link to this page or at least my site. Nothing obtrusive, just maybe a link in your Blogroll or something. That would be nice.


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