My Idealistic Opinion on : iStock Selling Logos

As to be expected, a revolt of sorts, by creatives of all disciplines, ensued after news announced by iStock that they would be selling ‘ready made’ logo designs. The level of discourse created by such news was pretty intense, and will be going on for some time I am sure.

Idealistic and Philosophical

Rather than add too much fuel to the already blazing fire, thought I would chip in with a more sedate, idealistic and philosophical approach.

This is me taking time to digest all the comments on Twitter, on various Blogs like Design O’Blog, and David Aireys LogoDesignLove. These are all valid points raised by the respective authors. I highlight those two websites so that this post be put into context. This is more of a neutral, “oh well, shit happens.” kinda post. Yes, I do have my own thoughts and views on this subject, but the only ones I share today are as follows.



These things will happen. They will continue to happen. As designers and creatives, we need to stop throwing our dummies out of the pram everytime something comes along to take away our glory. Yes, it potentially sucks. But life in generally potentially sucks. Things do happen, things do come along in every walk of life to throw us a curveball, be it personal or professional.

Deal with it, have your moan, have a debate. But nothing will usually change from getting your knickers in a twist. Companies like iStock are there to make money, that’s fundamentally it. It may really piss us off, it may be such a travesty to our industry, but frankly we don’t own anything. We don’t own rights to creating or designing logos.

It’s up to us to promote ourselves and our business. To ride over decisions like iStock to sell logos. We can’t rest on our laurels, ever. So what, now you just have to work harder to get yourself known. That’s how it works. That’s how it will always be.

It’s called competition. That’s business. It’s not personal.

Rather than spend 20mins writing a rant on some blog, why not devote that time to marketing and branding your own business?

It means we must now raise the bar higher ourselves. It means we must now conduct our own business in a way to try and sway potential iStock logo customers away. It’s kinda up to you to get your hands dirty when things like this come along.

In summary

So there. :)


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/09/25 & Post Updated: 2010/05/29
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