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Monomarks Portfolio Now Being Added to a Dedicated Instagram Account

I've always been fond of the idea I had: create an independent portfolio of just the logo mark portion of my logo designs, called Monomarks.

Not to mention it's a neat way to milk ones own work…

Monomarks Now Coming to You on Instagram

Although I've always had a separate Portfolio page on my website for the Monomarks, as well as Behance etc, I wanted to expand the reach of them a little more.

To that end, I decided to create a new Instagram profile solely for the uploading of the Monomarks.

I'll not be in a rush to upload all the Monomarks in one go, instead upload one or two every few days or so, or weeks… Uploaded an initial batch just to give the page some substance.


Monomark Portfolio on Instagram


The Existing Monomarks Portfolio Page


Monomarks a collection of individual Logomarks and Logo Designs

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