MonoExpression Logo Design – Quick Overview

The beginning

I fiddled with so many ideas for a logo for MonoExpression and whilst I was fiddling, the website just carried on using HTML Helvetica text as the H1 header. Nothing glam, but in all honesty, it looked ok. Maybe a bit too chunky, but it did the trick.

So for some time I was not overly bothered by it. MonoExpression is a nice little side venture for me, nothing to get stressed over in terms of updating etc.

Itchy pants

Then I got itchy pants. I have been consuming large amounts of minimal website designs recently and finding new, yet seemingly non-mainstream sites full of gorgeous minimalicity. So with all these minimal sites and graphics in my head, I felt the need to play with the site design for MonoExpression.

So here we have it. We have gone from a white on black to a much fresher black on white.


The logo Design

So no more fiddling and tweaking and uncertainty. Today, after the site was overhauled, just one look at the new site was enough to know what style logo I wanted. Straight to Illustrator, set the type, slice in half and incorporate the tagline to create more substance. So ok, not exactly rocket science, but it works well with the theme, which is what matters. And I like it, which is also quite helpful.

The logo was tweaked to fit the theme redesign. In this case, I wanted the ‘mono’ part to stretch the width of the left hand sidebar, with the ‘expression’ then stretching the width of the main content area.

And yes, I used Helvetica Light and Bold.


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